Afterwerk's New Menu @ Scott Garden

AFTERWERK is now under re-branding by new management team which features a renewed gust of possibilities in the food and beverage option available at Scott Garden, Old Klang Road. With a spanking brand new stage and frills, daily changing LIVE bands and the best fnb promotions to go it is a one stop haven to hit for a quiet birthday or a gregarious party!

Situated at the party hub centrally located Scott Garden, the re-newed Afterwerks promises a special experience to each and every diner/party- goer. It is about 5 minutes distance from Midvalley Megamall. Parking at this place never a problem, there is an ample parking slots in the building. I paid RM5 for parking on that night (entered at 7pm left at around 11pm).

Afterwerk's New Menu @ Scott Garden

AFTERWERK is fast becoming one of the most sought after LIVE music haunt in the prefecture. Featuring 2 bands daily (happy hour features the 1st band while extended hours will feature a 2nd full band) do expect the top bands in the circuit playing for you. 

Each day will also thematically bring you a different party atmosphere.

Afterwerk's New Menu @ Scott Garden

Not only you could listen to English song but also you could dedicate any song to someone. They could sing some Chinese songs as well.

Afterwerk's New Menu @ Scott Garden
Piggy Ribs Full Slab RM 90 (above is full slab), half slab available at half price

The full slab piggy portion is mean to share between 2 persons. The charbroiled pork ribs are basted with homemade bbq sauce served with Irish colcannon.

Afterwerk's New Menu @ Scott Garden
Pan Seared Salmon RM38
 Pan seared salmon with spicy creamy caper sauce served with vegetables and mashed potatoes.

Afterwerk's New Menu @ Scott Garden
Chicken chop RM22
Pan fried chicken chop served with salad, fries, and choices of black pepper sauceor mushroom soup

Afterwerk's New Menu @ Scott Garden
Pork chop RM32
Grilled pork shop marinated served with mash potatoes, salad and spicy sauce.

To follow their update, please browse their website:
FB: AFTERWERK, THRIVE TALENT TANK Hastags: #afterwerk #thrivetalenttank 

G-02 & 03, The Scott Garden,
 28900, Jalan Klang Lama,
 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Info and Reservation (after 3pm): Call +60379722520 or 0196222423


  1. What a nice place to hang out with friends. The food looks great too, Emily!

  2. Amazing place for perfect evening!

  3. This is so nice! Have a great day!


  4. Great place to eat,unwind and party.
    Plus Vishnu's Project performs at 10pm every Monday. Jammers welcomed too.


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