Jessie Chung's Achievement Celebration

After wrapping up her radio interviews and launching show in Taiwan, Jessie Chung returned to Malaysia to attend the achievement celebration organized by her record label. Mr. Darren Choy, Managing Director of Warner Music Group Malaysia & Singapore and Chairman of the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia and Mr. Sein Way Tan, Future Entertainment & Music Group Australia representative, presented Jessie with the Outstanding Achievement Award in the Music Industry.

What Jessie Chung has achieved with her album There You Are is nothing short of miraculous, she has done the impossible, for a Malaysian artist at least. Her new album has recently shot right up to the most influential and authoritative chart in the Taiwanese music industry, Five Music, debuting at number two on the Top 5 Chart for international albums. Five Music’s Top 5 Chart is the leading Taiwanese music chart and the only chart in Taiwan solely based on album sales. Jessie is confirmed to be the first Malaysian singer to squeeze into this prestigious chart, overtaking Australian artist Sia, who is currently at third place, and placing right next to Lady Gaga, who is barely ahead by two points. Indeed, her album has placed among the works of elite international stars, and this is just the beginning. 

There You Are has so far sold more than 10,000 copies, and that is already an amazing feat in its own right. To encourage Jessie to soldier on and put on her best fight in next year’s tight schedule, Future Entertainment & Music Group Australia and Warner Music Malaysia honoured her with the Outstanding Achievement Award in the Music Industry, ensuring that Jessie’s There You Are will soar on to greater heights!

Besides celebrating the astonishing results Jessie and her brand new album has attained, the company also took the chance to appreciate Jessie’s efforts and accomplishments this year. In early 2016, Jessie Chung’s Exquisite Chinese Orchestra Concert had sold out all ten performances in West and East Malaysia and was a hit among the show biz. Her recent stage production Moonlight was also well received by public, and it also had sold out all ten performances around the country. At the same time, a series of campaigns for Jessie in Malaysia and Taiwan were all roaring successes, and launching shows nationwide and abroad, including locations such as Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Penang, and Taipei, Taiwan, were all completed without a hitch. The events received widespread enthusiasm from fans of all places, crowding up the venues on every occasion.

As for future plans, Jessie Chung stated that her record label has arranged for her eighteen launching shows nationwide, and she will be going to South Africa in February to get her work promoted. Also in April next year, she is set to open two solo concerts, and audiences are estimated to amount over a few thousand. Jessie’s schedule is currently full at the moment, she has to rehearse for her new stage play, Music Box, and prepare for the production of her next album; as a result, her record label has decided to push back the plans for her in China.

As for her next album, Jessie has revealed that her Australian director is determined to capture scenes of her standing on top of a light house in her new music video. At this time, she has already recorded three new songs, and she will travel back to Australia to continue recording and filming her new music video. Her next album is set to be released in January next year. During the celebration, the organizers brought the attendees a surprise when they premiered the music video of “Forever Young”, a single from her next album, causing a wave of excitement and shrieks among the crowd!


  1. Wow! Look like she is doing well. Good luck to her. Btw, she is my distant cousin but never knew or met her. My mum's cousin's child.

  2. This is wonderful news. Always nice to read about Malaysians succeeding in a big way.


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