Selangor International Bird Race 2016

What do you understand about bird race? A big misconception among the public is that this event has live bird racing against each other. Well, I was once had such thought when I first saw the invite to the event back to 2014. Don't laugh at me ok? A bird race in fact is fun race where a team of birdwatchers compete against each other in sighting, identifying and recording as many number of bird species available in a place within stipulated time.

MDHS once again organized Wings of KKB 2016:Selangor international Bird Race from 22-24 April 2016. Following the success of the event since its first inception in 2012, the program now witnessed an upgrading with the word "international" this year to attract more participation from oversea.Thus, it was no surprise when we saw participants from Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia and India during the event.


This year without exception Resorts World Genting was one of the main sponsors for the said event. The collaboration is aimed at instilling the awareness of the importance of preserving the mother nature through the bird activities. I was invited as blogger to cover for the bird watch event held and stayed a night at Awana Hotel. It is much spacious compared with the XYZ Deluxe room i stayed in First World Hotel.

How I wish I could have a staycation here for a week. FYI, Awana Hotel standing at 3000 feet above the sea level is also known as IBA or Important Bird Area MY10 by Birdlife International. The area with majestic rainforest has a history of 130 million years old. It becomes a prime site for bird watchers and nature lovers.

I was told that there are about 40 different bird species and up to 70 in total at Genting Highlands.

The road leading to pump house is a good spot for a mixture of lowland and montane species bird sighting. Both the chestnut and Slaty backed Forktails may be seen along this road.

pic credit: Andrew Lim

Walking down the path, we saw a big millipede crawling besides the drain. I felt tickling at my body when looking at that creature.

This is the best I can capture. We need a better camera for better sighting of the birds. It stopped for a rest at the tree branch that were so far away from me.

Look at their equipment just to snap the bird pictures! It is not easy as one might think of it.

Pic credit: Sook Yee

There were unexpected guests besides the birds. We saw siamang/gibbon at the tree making loud noises. We were thrilled with its sudden appearance.

pic credit: Durai Birdman
 Closer look to siamang :)

Next was the prize giving ceremony. There are open category, college category, secondary school category, primary school category, explorace for primary and secondary school, open & media photography, drawing competition for children, drawing competition for adult and best media write up/ coverage.


pic credit: Wei En
Congratulations to all the winners on that day :)

Photo together with Mr Durai, the birdman during the event :) You guys should add him in FB: Durai Birdman if you are very interested with bird watch. He is an experienced nature guide and knowledgeable about everything relate with birds like what they eat, how they behave, able to recognize chirping of different birds and so on.

Pic credit: Wei En
Photo with other bloggers :) I miss all the fun time with you guys! Till we meet again :)


  1. Now I learn something here. Bird race. This is fun.

  2. Such a great way of creating awareness! Wonderful event! xoxo

  3. Wow, many species of bird at Genting Highland... Hope I see all of them...

  4. wow, it must be such a cool experience
    keep in touch

  5. Yeah, Awana is a lot bigger than First World Hotel. I remember staying there a few years ago too. I used to stay here when I was a kid and we came to KL and Genting for vacation (Awana and Genting Hotel, I mean - the others not built yet at the time except for maybe Highlands Hotel).

    That's cool! I never knew the area had gibbons! The face looks quite unusual too, not like the other great apes.

  6. Wow, look at their photography equipment. That's impressive! Thanks to you I now know what a bird race is. ^.^


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