Lion Dance Performance @ AnCasa Hotel & Spa, KL


Ok that’s another old story about CNY a few months back. A day before the celebration of Chap Goh Mei, AnCasa Hotel & Spa, KL welcomes the year of the Goat by hosting their corporate clients and the media to an auspicious acrobatic lion dance at the hotel lobby followed by a fusion hi-tea at their hip & trendy Casa restaurant & Bar.


Local and foreign guests of the hotel were seen watching in awe the acrobatic stunts and energetic performance by the lion dance troupe.


According to Hotel GM & Acting Head of AnCasa Hotels & Resorts En Shah Azam Khan: “ The acrobatic lion dance performance has become an annual affair for the hotel as the lion dance symbolizes great fortune and prosperity, which I sincerely wish for all the hotel’s guests, associates and business partners.

Shah Zam also added that this year, the hotel will be upgrading refurbishment and upgrading of its facilities and guestrooms to cater for the current needs of the discerning travelers.

A heartfelt thank you to AnCasa hotel for the invitation and lousang session ^^


  1. The meal looks delicious the place outstanding.

    1. the meal is Chinese traditional food that normally consumed during CNY

  2. Marvelous photos Emily ! The food looks delicious :)

  3. Replies
    1. Teringin nak belajar lompat macam dorang buat tu...

    2. +mrhanafi Best
      hmm ya betul
      tapi takut juga tengok sebab takut tengok jatuh

      +Dunia Zumal

  4. Ooo..exciting and lucky you! I'm looking forward to next year's celebration! :D

  5. It's so beutiful and a little bit exotic for me :)


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