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Long time I did not write food articles. This is a my dining experience in Italian restaurant dishes which is 2 months ago. Some aspects of restaurant decor is simple, so I just want to share their food.

Roasted Honey Chicken RM 18.90


Just look at the roasted honey chicken, the colour and everything looks scrumptious! The taste is nice together with the sweet sauce. Mash potato at the side is spicy but well paired with the sweet roasted chicken. The only thing I don't like is the texture is not as soft as that in KFC.

Spaghetti Carbonara RM 12.90

The pasta is very tasty and the sauce is delicious! But I am a little surprised, because the broccoli left uncooked.

Pizza Quattro RM 20.90


The pizza is flimsy, may be is the trend now. It is covered with tomato sauce and three different types of meat slices. The taste is ok, but the bread is quite hard, so I'm tired of chewing it.

Seafood Risotto RM 19.90


We are enthralled by the seafood risotto when the waiter brings it to us at the table. So many seafoods inside! We got prawns, mussels, cuttlefish...But only thing I don't like is the rice is very moist. Taste might be nicer if the rice is drier.

Tomato Soup – RM 8.90

番茄汤,蘑菇汤都是西人的汤汁。但是番茄汤个人还是不那么喜欢,原因是太酸了 ><"

Tomato soup and mushroom soup is western soup. I personally don't like tomato soup because it tastes very sour.

Crème Brulee – RM 8.90


The last dish the waiter brought out that day was Crème Brulee. He said we no need to write about it in our blog. But I think I will include it as this is worth to mention because this is delicious enough. The top layer is hard and crusty as that is burnt sugar, inside is soft and sweet, it melts once it is in your mouth. Can you imagine it?

Address/ 地址:
Pasto Italian Cuisine
No 11G, Jalan Kasturi 1,
Plaza Kasturi, 43200 Balakong,
Selangor D.E.

This is my last article for 2013. Happy New Year to everyone! That is 20 minutes more for the brand new year 2014! Time flies, hope everyone has a good start for 2014!


  1. The food looks absolutely delicious thanks for sharing. Have a Happy New Year may it be filled with happiness and success.

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    2. I just install Chinese pinyin from google
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  2. I want to try the Creme Brulee as I've often seen these types of dessert that will melt in your mouth in many TV shows and on blogs!! Yum! Nice review on the food :) Happy New Year!! xx

    Chic Nikkie

  3. Hello from Spain: I also wish you a Happy New Year. Great food. Keep in touch

  4. Oh, the food looks really yummy! x)

    Happy New Year!*✲゚*。⋆♡
    ✿ Rinako ✿

  5. The foods looks soooooo deliciousssss *A*

    Happy New Year 2014,

  6. omg.. all the food looks amazing! <33 thank you so much for visiting my blog btw!
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  7. Me drooling over the pizza quatro and creme' brulle, :)),,,
    Happy 2014 dear,


    1. ops ^^
      make sure u have a pack of tissue around :P

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  9. The roasted honey chicken looks delicious! Thank you for sharing your experience! I followed you on your blog. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! :)

    Olivia Yuen
    Morning Blush Blog

  10. I've never tried Creme Brulee but always wanted to. Looks interesting!

    - April

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog :)
    Everything looks delicious! Love italian food <3

  12. I just suddenly felt very hungry! Bye bye New Year's resolutions! LOL
    Happy New Year!

  13. Wonderful post! I love spaghetti carbonara <3
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