Lip Smacker 口唇保湿膏

早前从Yuberactive 那里获取lip smacker 样本来试用,以下是我在他们的网页写的个人感想:

Mouth is important for everyone as we always need to communicate with other people every day.Lip as the outer part of the mouth is the one that will be seen by every one when we talk. Dry and chapped lip give people a bad impression as we do not take good care of ourselves and lazy. Thus taking good care of our lips is very crucial. 

Everything applying on the lip will go inside our mouth when we eat. But I have no worry when I notice Lip Smacker only use natural oils such as castor oil, wheat germ oil, sesame oil, beewax and candelilla wax which is natural and edible.

 The natural lubricant keep our lip always moisturized, super smooth and supple. This is especially useful for someone who stay in office with air conditioner and those with dry and chapped lip like me.

Besides, it is light and small which is easy to bring out. Nevertheless, it does not have sun protection factor (SPF) or PA. The strawberry smell is little bit too strong for me. Besides, it will be more convenient if the lip gloss in slanting design for easy application. After all, this is just my personal opinion.

Available at Guardian Pharmacy, Parkson, Sa Sa, Watson's Personal Care Store. (RRP RM9.90 - RM26.90)