Wanna eat pizza for free and get money at the same time?

Wan to eat free pizza and get money when doing so?

It is not scam!

Ok, what is it?

You need to complete a questionnaire(22 pages) after the survey and once the survey completed, you will get the money! 
你只需要完成一个 22页的问卷(考察完后),然后你就有钱啦!

Easy right?

If you interested, leave your email at comment column below and be sure you are my followers too!


  1. sharon_1193@hotmail.com

    btw, I need a kind favour from you.
    do u mind checking out a video? its for my group assignment one. also, its my first time acting. Do hit 'LIKE' and Comment on the video itself as it will affect the final marks. please support!

  2. Thank you for your interest! I already send out all the information to all of you! Have an extra pocket money ya!

    Xue Ren: I will have a look and like for you! Don't worry!

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  4. Issit too late yet? I'm interested... if I missed this... I wanna do this next time... here's my email : admin@cleffairy.com


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