CNY celebration @ Thean Hou Temple

Tomorrow is the last day of CNY according to our lunar calendar. One of the many popular places for CNY celebration would be Thean Hou temple at Seputeh. Compared with Dong Zen temple, the scale of decorations and activities might not be that huge but the place is located much nearer to the KL city. 

To my surprise, there was a lot of people coming up here caused some traffic jam along the way driving up the hill. The parking is not free either, they are charging RM5.

Some Chinese came here for worship and asked for the blessing for a better year. Thus, that explained for the crowd at this place. As for me, a non-Buddhist, I just wanna feel the CNY ambiance there while catching up the stage show. Unfortunately, I was too late for that and the show ended before I managed to get to watch.

I did not come here for years. Things change. I never see the massive Chinese Checks and lanterns before this. The temple has been transformed and becomes more attractive.

The zodiac year for 2019 is the pig. The last zodiac in Chinese calendar. The golden painted pig is raised up and becomes the spotlight of the visitors for taking pictures.

I have been very busy for my thesis writing and data analysis plus CNY preparations before this. Sorry for not posting any update on time. I will try my best to share whenever I free. For this year CNY, I was blessed to have someone special to share my up and downs. Let's hope for a better year of pig.


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