Sandakan Heritage Trail: Sandakan Heritage Museum

This post has been kept in my draft for age. Well, this is the last post about Sandakan for my last visit 2 years back. Muzium Warisan Sandakan is formerly Sandakan Municipal building. It is built during Bristish establishment and stand still after World War II. Some local said it is a haunted building but upon my visit, nothing happens. LOL

At the ground floor,  Martin & Osa Johnson's pictures are being featured. They were not even being mentioned in our history book yet they were famous during their time.

Who were they? They were American adventurers and documentary filmmakers who traveled East and Central Africa, the South Pacific Islands and British North Borneo. His adventure in Sabah is recorded as below:

"Martin and Osa finished their trip in 1920 with visits to British North Borneo (now Sabah) and a sailing expedition up the coast of East Africa. After returning home, they released the features Jungle Adventures (1921) and Headhunters of the South Seas (1922)."

"The Johnsons' final trip together took them to British North Borneo again, from 1935 to 1936. They used their smaller amphibious plane, now renamed "The Spirit of Africa and Borneo", and produced footage for the feature Borneo (1937)."

They were a pair of romantic couple who travelling around together and sharing the same passion until death departed them when Martin died in an air crash.

Thanks to both of them who enabled us to see how was the life at that time!

The replica of aboriginal house in Sabah 

At level 2 of the building, there are display of the artifacts :)

Explaining to us how was the museum looked like in old days....He is Mr Lai, the chairman of Sandakan Heritage Trail.

The story below has nothing to do with him. The Sandakan man I talked below is another who I never showed anywhere to protect his privacy. 

That was my first time being in Sandakan. From KL, it took almost 3 hours to this place. Nevertheless, it left me a good memory.  I never thought a Sandakan guy would confess to me in front of all the day before we going back home. At first, I thought he wanted to play around or had a joke with me. I was shock when he asked me if we can be couple when having dinner together with others in a round table at Myne Resort. I was blank of what to answer and told him to ask my "ayah angkat" instead. He without hesitation went straight to my aa for the "permission". I had no idea what they talked. AA's feedback was he had no control of it and the decision was in my hand. Meanwhile, his best friend started to tell me his praiseworthy quality to me. I did not reply them. 

This is a really short time I get to know him. I did not notice him until he asked me at Sepilok Orang Utan centre if I remembered him as he was the one who offered me beer at Kenalanmu restaurant last night :"D From that moment, I only recognized this person. LOL...I did not turn him down "directly" even he also giving "hint" in the group after I went back KL. I was not giving him any false hope but I didn't want to hurt him and tried to take care of his feeling.

So fast, this happened 2 years back. Perhaps if I accepted him I would not meet another wrong person? I don't know. But Sandakan - KL is a far distance which only can be reach with plane. I am not confident with long distance relationship. It would took a lot of hardship to maintain it. And some more I don't think I will move to Sandakan if we are going to get marry. Same way, I think he will not move to KL as his business based in Sandakan. Anyway, he made part of my love story even though we did not start at all. I admired his courage for confessing to me in public. I know he will get a better one. I wish him the best of luck of finding his true love soon :)


  1. Fascinating place.

    Long distance relationship is not easy, need hard work, trust and endurance.

  2. Love this so much!

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  3. Awesome experience! TGIF, dear! xoxo

  4. Oh-so-romantic, Emily but I understand your concerns of a long distance relationship.
    I have family in Sandakan but have yet to visit the place ..haha

    1. huhu take your time to visit them when you are there


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