Piccolo Cafe Equine Park

Recently I seldom go any event or travelling around. I will start sharing some photos that I kept in my laptop. This tine I will share pictures taken at Piccolo Cafe which located in Equine Park, Selangor. Equine Park is much more developed right now with new shop lots mushrooming in this area. If you been here before, Starbucks outlet in E.P is surprisingly spacious and looks classy with the surrounding glass wall .

Love the bear art work on the coffee

Chicken chop

Salmon spaghetti

Grilled chicken

Just girls celebration for our friend birthday 

We treasure every moment together :) Piccolo serves mostly Western food. However, I already forgot how much the luncheon meal we paid for. Piccolo offers another option for Serdangian to dine in with affordable price.

I noticed recently Piccolo has promotion at RM10 for certain meal set (food + drink)  from 10am to 3pm. Check them out in FB :)


  1. I love to see all these coffee art. It's so pretty

  2. Really great dear!

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  3. The coffee art is so pretty. The food looks good too. I think this is a great place to lepak, am loving the ambiance.


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