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Today I'm gonna share with you guys the new shopping app that I stumbled across. It is The Entertainer - founded in 2001 in Dubai and has grown into an international success story based on a simple formula – they offer only Buy One Get One Free offers for dining, leisure, wellness, entertainment and hotel accommodation. All offers are valid 7 days a week, all year long, with virtually no restrictions.

今天我就跟大家分享一个新的购物app- The Entertainer。在2001年迪拜创办的The Entertainer 根据一个简单的方程式-买一送一的优惠在世界各地取得不错的成绩。这优惠包含饮食,娱乐,保健,酒店住宿等,一年365天都可使用甚至是无约束性的。

With offers from more than 6,000 merchant partners located across 23 destinations throughout the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe, The Entertainer books have been considered essential annual purchases to hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide for over 12 years. 

在世界各地23个点包括中东,亚洲,非洲和欧洲拥有超过6000个合作伙伴的The Entertainer优惠书,12年来被认为是全球数十万客户每年必买的书之一。

Now the new launched Entertainer app is positioned to bring the same great offers to customers in a simple, convenient, easy to use experience. Watch the video to learn why!

现在新推出的Entertainer app以简单,方便,易于使用的体验设定为客户带来同样超值优惠!

Creating Unbeatable Value Everywhere We Go from The Entertainer on Vimeo.

I downloaded the app for trial. And I given a token to explore the full version myself for limited time. Here is some of the preview of the app for you guys:


1. You can download to get the free trial version. 

If you are interested with all the offers provided, you can purchase the full version for RM235/year or RM49/month.


2. Click the offer button, you can view those offers available and near to you.

3. I like food. First thing comes to my mind when exploring the app is to find what restaurants/ cafes are in partnership with The Entertainer.

    我爱美食。当探索该app时,在我脑海里的第一样东西就是寻找哪一间餐厅/咖啡是有在The Entertainer app内。

4. For Example: Pay a normal price of Iced Caramel/ Mocha Latte at the shop and get another one for free. It simply means 50% off. This is great if dining with friends and family as one can saves a lot.


I still wonder is RM49/month or RM235/year worth the price? I searched the website and found out the lists as below:


Featured Merchants list in Malaysia for The Entertainer:
马来西亚The Entertainer 精选商户名单:

I saw some of my favourite restaurants in the list...for the variety of choices available...I would definitely recommend you all to get one! You get 2 food for 1 price....and if you often dining out, it saves money from your pocket. So why pay more?


The Entertainer Malaysia One Month Membership is priced at just RM 49 and gives you access to all 140+ buy one get one free offers Malaysia's hottest restaurants, nightspots, informal dining, spas, activities, attractions and more – for one month from the date of activation. With 3 vouchers per merchant, you can visit their partners more than just once or include your family and friends in the 2 for 1 fun! After your one month membership you can simply choose to upgrade to the full product for a further MYR 186, allowing you to keep redeeming your offers until 31th December 2014.

马来西亚The Entertainer的一个月会员价格是RM49,让你接驳超过140个马来西亚最热门的餐厅,夜店,按摩,景点和其他-从你启动的那天开始到一个月后。每个商家都有3个优惠卷可以使用,你可以拜访他们超过一次,还可以携带朋友或家人一起,享用买2付1的优惠!一个月后,若你选择要提升去完整版,只需付RM186,就可以让你继续换取你的优惠直到2014年12月31日。

How the Entertainer App Works from The Entertainer on Vimeo.

Still no idea of how it works? Look at the video for tutorial of how the app functions and helps to save your money! To purchase The Entertainer Malaysia One Month Membership for just RM49 please visit - - and be sure to enter this unique promo code emilytang when you purchase.

还不知道如何运作?可以看看以下片段了解这app如何操作以及如何帮你节省金钱!购买马来西亚The Entertainer一个月会员价钱是 RM49,请游览 - 以及购买时确保你输入emilytang优惠码。

Last but not least, The Entertainer will be doing a random draw at the end of the month among the readers who bought the one month version of the Entertainer Malaysia app. One winner will win the full version of the app for FREE. Good luck all ^^

最后,The Entertainer  也会抽取其中一位购买1个月本的Entertainer Malaysia app的幸运儿。一位幸运儿将会赢取该完整版的app。好运啦大家^^


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