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100 Doraemon Secret Gadget Expo in Viva Home

What you did during your childhood? Like other kids, I watched cartoon in TV, the only entertainment that we had apart from the radio. And I still remember I watched Sailormoon, Ultraman and Doraemon every weekend morning and evening in those days. Until now I still prefer Doraemon as this cat is cute, wise and helpful. I imagine how good to be Nobita to have Doraemon to help with our homework and all troubles we had during our childhood.

小时候的你做些什么?就像其他小孩子一样,我会守在电视机前观看卡通,因为那时代除了收音机外,电视机就是我们的娱乐管道。我还记得我每逢周末的早上和下午都会收看 Sailormoon, Ultraman 以及 Doraemon。直到现在我还是比较喜欢Doraemon 因为这只猫很可爱,聪明以及热于助人。我想能够成为大雄有多好因为他有小叮当帮他完成功课和一堆童年时会面对到的问题。

Okay, all this is just imagination. Don't you have favourite anime character during your childhood? If Doraemon is your childhood hero , then you shouldn't miss the 100 Doraemon Secret Gadget Expo in Viva Home! Please be fast as the expo going to an end this 23 March, yes only few days ahead!
好了,这些全部都是想象。在你童年的时候,有没有你偏爱的动漫角色呢?若小叮当是你小时候的英雄角色,那么你就不能错过在Viva Home, 100 Doraemon Secret Gadget Expo!要尽快哦因为这3月23日便是这展览的最后一天,只剩下几天时间而已!

"One day when Sewashi was making a small clay figure of Doraemon, he ordered a robot mouse to eat the ears of the Doraemon sculpture, to make them look more like the ones in a 3-D picture of Doraemon. But the mouse ended up eating the ears of the real Doraemon, which caused him to fear mice. At the hospital, the doctor robots accidentally removed Doraemon's ears completely."

“As Doraemon sat on the top of a tower pondering over the loss of his ears, he tried to cheer himself up by drinking a cheer-up potion, but accidentally drank the sorrow potion instead. This caused him to weep uncontrollably, and made his skin color fade to blue.”

That's the story how he change to blue colour and no ears after the incident. After all I prefer his blue look!


During the 100 Doraemon Secret Gadget Expo, there are 100 Doraemon with 3/4 of human size being displayed.

在这100 Doraemon Secret Gadget Expo, 总计有100个占人体3/4 大小的小叮当展出。

I always wonder what secret gadgets hidden inside Doraemon‘s small pocket which are always useful when Nobita asks for help? How they look like? Are they big like a car or small like a ring?


Yeah come in with me and I will show you some of his secret gadgets!


Look behind....that's the entrance towards Nobita & Shizuka Wedding Scene


Nobita and Shizuka are having wedding ceremony in the church.


One of the familiar scene for all 》Nobita's room ^^

这是其中一个大家熟悉的场景》大雄的房间 ^^

Everyone can go inside and there is a crew taking the photos for you with minimal charges.


Nobita's friends

Flighty Nobita with his grandmum


" A power tool which is capable of launching massive amount of air with high pressure capacity. This gadget is small enough for the use of your hands."

Apart taking pictures with the 100 Doraemons, there are some props for you to play with while taking pictures.

"Wherever you want to gothink of it and open the door, magically you will be there."

Well, I really hope there is Dokodemo door which brings us to where we want just by imagine it.

好的,我真的希望这里也有个Dokodemo 门让他带我们到我们想要去的地方。

"This is wireless communication box. If two persons holding the same box, they can communicate with each other."

Isn't that mobile phone nowadays? But the story was written between 1969 till 1996...errr I don't think we have mobile phone yet during that time right? How creative Fujiko Fujio, the author of Doraemon during that time!

这不是手提电话吗?不过故事是在1969至1996年 编写..哦..那时候我们不是还没有手机吗?看得出那时候的Fujiko Fujio,小叮当的作者非常有创意!

"It will shrink objects and people to minuscule sizes."

If this gadget exists, I will buy one as I really need it to shrink all objects when moving house or packing my luggage. What else? I will shrink the cars on the road to avoid traffic jam...hahaha


"Make a phone call by using the phonebooth and the things you say will be a reality."

Looks like there is nothing impossible with Doraemon around!


At the exit, there is Doraemon merchandises. But the one that really catch my attention is the Doraemon food stall!


I sat together with a few media friends at a round table. Each table was served a box of cute Doraemon pancake!


It looks so cute and adorable. 


Dorayaki RM5/pc    ;    Latte RM5.90/cup

Besides the pancake, we got dorayaki and latte.

除了煎饼,我们还有dorayaki 以及 拿铁。

That's my second time trying dorayaki! But first time having cute Doraemon portrait on the pancake!


"Dorayaki is a type of Japanese confection, а red bean pancake which consists of two small pancake-like patties made from castella wrapped around a filling of sweet Azuki red bean paste."

The expo is still ongoing till this Sunday!Head over there before it's too late!


Visiting hour 开放时间: 10am-10pm

Ticket price 票价: RM25 for adult and RM15 for child.


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  3. Wow...this looks so amazing and super cute....:-)

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  6. omg I love doraemon. I actually have a small doraemon doll next to my computer. I keep him there at all times :D I also followed you :D

  7. Emily you put a smile on my face for a moment I felt like a kid checking out this post great job.

  8. Ohhhh this is so cutee! I wish that they could do something like this here too TwT
    The Doraemon foo is so nice :3

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    1. yup
      sure one day they will travel to your place too

  9. This is so cuteeee!!! I love Doraemon, esp. the scenes when that grandpa who always mad at nobita and friends for breaking his window. The pancakes and Dorayaki are sooo cuteee! It brings me back to my childhood seeing this, great post! Love it!


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  12. Doraemon, my favorite cartoon character!

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  14. OMG! How cute are these characters! and those Pancakes are super cute--I wouldn't have the heart to eat them lol!

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  16. Such a cute post. ;-)
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  17. I read and wrote during my childhood but I have to admit that I never watched Sailormoon. Only my colleague names me sometimes "Sailormoon" :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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  18. I love the Doraemon cakes! What a really fun & cute way to spend the day :)

  19. Oh very cute Doraemon Museum all looks so kawaii~

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  22. I love to watch doraemon too ! Nice event ! I love it so much . Thanks for sharing

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  24. great place!

  25. Wow I too used to watch cartoons as a kid!! I showed this post to my 2yr old son and he really loved it :D <3

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  30. I didn't watch a lot of telly as a kid. We had a really shitty TV and, to be honest, I am quite pleased with that. I see my kids being so obsessive with telly that I think my childhood was a lot more fun… I spent time outdoors as opposed to being at home in front of TV.

    1. haha
      I do going outdoor cycling and playing with my friends every evening before I moved to apartment
      childhood memory is always sweet

  31. ohh I used to watch Doraemon as a little kid!! I don't remember much of it, but I know that I used to love him and I still have some of my kid clothes with picture of him on it! haha
    You look so adorable standing by the door and this looks like such a fun place to visit!

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  41. I love Doraemon, I used to play with him when I was small.

  42. So cute! I used to watch Doraemon as a kid too - the whole exhib and the food/drink is super cute.

  43. Oh wow this is so cool! There is nothing like this in the U.S! Looks like you had a fun time! xx

    <(") Hoda || JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

  44. Whoa, that door! And the time machine! And legit Doraemon dorayaki! Haha, is it an annual event? Sure hope you had a super great time there!


  45. Remembering my childhood!! Thank you for posting this! :') I wish I could visit

  46. WAHHHHHH~~~ OMG OMG OMG!!!! Why am I not in Malaysia or where there's the Doraemon expo!?!?! This is so awesomely cool!!! I've watched some movies and plenty episodes and is still watching!! ^O^ I'm not too much of a cat lover, but Doraemon is too awesome!!! The dorayaki and pancakes looks yummy!!! I wish I have a helpful Doraemon around when I'm in trouble!!! :D Thanks for this post Emily!!! Makes me feel like a kid again. =)

    <3 from Chuonie


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