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Thrilling Day of Fun @ Ilham Resort

Port Dickson is a seaside that is well known among Malaysians (perhaps 80s) before other arising popular beaches. My parents are not highly educated, hence for older generation like them, Port Dickson might be the only beach they know for a short vacation.


PNB Ilham Resort is one of the hotel located not far away from Port Dickson. It is at the very edge of Cape Rachado. The first impression of its outlook does not appear to be a hotel but more like an apartment.

PNB Ilham Resort 是其中一间距离波德申海滩不远的酒店。它坐落在Cape Rachado的尾端。这酒店的第一印象就是他根本不像一间酒店反而像公寓。

I was again invited with other media members to this event. We were all served with welcome drinks at the lobby upon arrival.


There was some very light snacks that common in Malaysia.

Next, all of us being ushered to go for a lunch at a conference room. A Malay girl stood at the entrance to welcome us. That is not traditional Malay wear...looks like Japanese and Chinese traditional clothes.


Malay Dish- Ayam Asam Boi, Asam Pedas Ikan Tenggiri, Daging dendeng, Masak Lemak Nangka

Malay dish & appetizer- Rendang Udang Serai Wangi, Telur Masin, Ikan Masin, Sayur Masam Pedas

Our lunch was generally Malay traditional gourmet. The main course was labelled while others were appetizer.


Some desserts at the corner

After lunch, media session began. Hmm...I had no idea what to ask for the conference as I just been here for 1 hour. Previously for media trip I went, the media session was arranged at the end of the day when we knew the hotel better through activities held and the stay.


llham resort apartment with 3 bedrooms- living room

I was quite satisfied with the hotel stay. It is an apartment with 3 bedrooms. Each bedroom has attached bathroom. The only thing that we shared were living room, dry kitchen and tv.


It is quite spacious.

For these kind of apartment (not ground floor) with 3 rooms, it costed RM640 + breakfast for 6 persons.

seaview- Straits of Malacca

From our apartment at 5th floor, our view from window is spectacular just like the picture above. I like the sea view. The view of swimming pool has been hidden by the leaves of coconut tree. It will be better if the leaves been trimmed down.


This furniture was put at the corner of living room for ironing.

Entering my room, the floor is not carpet but wooden.

It is a shared bedroom with 2 single beds. This is the second biggest room among the 3 rooms.


After checking in to our respective rooms, all of us being called down for some activities. 


Instructor of the day gave us some briefing about the activities that we going to join and the safety requirement.


Then, this is the thrilling part- abseiling from the top of this building!I have been told that this is the highest abseiling in Malaysia, 10 floors from the ground.


The view from the top floor

Abseiling  绳降

The activities started....I witnessed all of my friends came down one by one bravely...



The view from the top...kinda scary for me.

I already mentioned before I have Acrophobia. I dare not look at him when snapping a picture. I just stretch my hand as far as I could behind the handrail. 


There another friend who came down before me...



But somehow when Mr Paun, my new made friend doing it without holding the rope, smiled in front of my camera, I am convinced that the activity is safely conducted.



So in the end, there was only 3 persons at the top floor. Linda,the instructor and I were there when everyone got down already. I was still hesitate of doing it or not. I really want to do but I was quite scared at that moment. Then the instructor said you want to do it? At that time there was no life jacket and safety equipment left. So I simply gave an excuse that there was no life jacket left for me to do it. The next moment he yelled to the crew at the ground to tie the life jacket at the rope and he pulled the rope up. 'Oh no...' I was stunted and thinking I need to do it in the end as he already brought up the equipment! 

After he helped me to set up all the safety equipment for me, he just asked me to climb across the handrail and stand there. (when looking down from the top floor, it's kinda coincidentally captured by Mr Paun. I did not expect him still at the ground when almost everyone gone for tea break) Then the instructor asked me to tilt my body with my leg straight to the wall.




Repeating the same step as others, the instructor asked me to release my left hand to estimate my weight. Then both hand as Mr Paun did. When doing so, my confidence increased. At the half way coming down the rope, I was quite tired of pulling the rope. I tried to jump to fasten but end up swaying left


Finally I came down safely!

I conquered the fear and successfully completed the 'mission'! I learn a lesson here, the first step to start is always difficult and filled with fear as we unknown the process and scared of failure. But once we brave ourselves to start the first step, it is always not difficult as we thought.  


Following next was boating. We tied the boat using the pipe and tires.


This was the seaside in front of the Ilham Resort.
这就是Ilham Resort 前的沙滩。

4 persons in a group to paddle the boat to the stick to get the flag before returning to the seaside.


Well, I tried it as well, but I can tell that it was quite a tough job to paddle the boat. My right hand was so tired paddling halfway to the stick. (I did not train my hand muscles...quite weak in this kind of sport) In the end, we got down to the water and pushed the boat back to the seaside. Luckily the water was shallow (till my knee), if not sure I would be in trouble.

好,这我也尝试玩,不过告诉你划船是蛮困难的任务。我的右手在划向柱子的半路已经是没力了 (我没有锻炼手部的肌肉...在这项运动环节是蛮差的)最后,我们全部下水把船推回去岸边。幸好水不深(到我膝盖而已),要不然我就麻烦了。

Look deep but shallow...Don't judge the book by its cover

I was the last one came up to the the time I went back to the field, they already finished untied the boats.


After finished all the activities, we went back to the bedroom for bath. The tower with the blue light is where we done the abseiling.


After dinner, we strolled around and explored the hotel area. This was the reception counter where we checked in and out. PNB Ilham Resort as the very name suggests is Evocation of Inspiration, the architecture is of the Melaka Sultanate and surrounding is beautifully landscaped.

晚餐后,我们在酒店四处闲逛探索。这是刚才我们登记房间和退房的接待处。PNB Ilham Resort 顾名思义就是唤醒灵感,该酒店架构是根据马六甲苏丹时的设计,周围是美丽的园林。

One of the facilities - snooker in Ilham resort
It filled with the nostalgic charm yet replete with modern amenities.

the lobby area of Ilham resort

Everything looks so vintage, that makes me could not resist to take a photo here.


To be continued...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wonderful City Sightseeing with Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

Today I'm gonna share with you all my wonderful experience with Cruise Tasik Putrajaya. Putrajaya is a planned city that serves as the federal administrative centre of Malaysia. Most tourists will come over here before heading to the airport as this location is located at the midway to KLIA.

今天我将会与大家分享我在Cruise Tasik Putrajaya 船上的美妙体验。布城是个有规划系统的城市,同时也是马来西亚联邦行政中心。许多游客在还没去机场前都会到此因为这地方恰好在去KLIA的半路中。

Putra Mosque at Putrajaya

It is also a garden city that is as picturesque as it is functional. There are many sophisticated buildings that worth to take a look or snap pictures include Putra Mosque in Putrajaya. 

这里风景如画但也兼具功能性的花园城市。这里有许多经典的建筑物值得来看一看以及拍照如布城的Putra Mosque。

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya,Putrajaya Lake

In the heart of Putrajaya is the Putrajaya Lake, representing the greater part of the extensive man-made lake and wetlands system that covers an area of 650 hectares.


Putrajaya's cruise service provider, Cruise Tasik Putrajaya was officially launched on 30 August 2003 by the then Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

布城的游船服务提供商,Cruise Tasik Putrajaya 在2003年8月30日由前首相Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad正式开幕。

The boat I boarded that day was named Kelah. The air-conditioned luxury cruise boat seats up to 60 persons and serves a variety of sumptuous meals.


Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

The captain on duty that day

I was there together with other media members. We were served with variety of desserts and cocktails.


There were western and local Malay desserts.


Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

Foot Spa on Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

I like to be here as we can have 360 degree of scenery view at this floor.  


A team of foot spa crew who served us at the cruise that day.


As the seats at first floor were fully occupied, I had to go down and did my foot spa.


First, she told me to soak my leg for about 5 minutes.


Frankly, this was my first time doing foot spa. Yeah I had high expectation towards the whole spa session.


This were all the ingredients and materials the crews used. All in pinkish colour which looks feminine.


I thought I would be enjoying much but no. I felt painful when she rubbed my leg bone so hard. Furthermore, she used the wood scrub to scrub my feet vigorously.


Hmm...honestly I don't think I satisfied with her service. 


I'm at front deck of Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

Let's forget about that. I went on to explore the whole boat. The only part that I yet shared was the front deck!


The front deck is a very strategic area to snap pictures!


The whole journey took about 1.5 hours. By the time we arrived at the departing point, the sky was dark.


Cruise Tasik Putrajaya offered different packages tailored to every tourist's need.

Love Boat- An hour on Dondang Sayang with sparkling juice and a light meal for couple. The charge is RM250/hour for Mon- Thu and RM350/hour for Fri- Sun and public holiday.

Cruise & Learn- 45 minutes tour for Malaysian students which they will be enlightened on Putrajaya's stunning history through commentary on board. The charge is only RM18/pax (min 30 pax). It's available every day from 10am - 3.30pm.

FootLoose & Cruise- Enjoy a live band performance at only RM150 per person. Besides, passengers can pampering themselves to a foot spa available on cruise too. This package is available on every Saturday night (min 30 pax). The whole journey takes around 1.5 hours with cocktails served.

Perahu Dondang Sayang- For a cruise that is more intimate and unique, experience the traditionally-styled Perahu. Replicas of Malay boat, the wooden gondola-like vessels will charm passengers with unbeatable experience. It is available daily from 10am- 6.30pm from Mon- Thu and extended operation hours till 9.30pm for Friday and Saturday. It takes about 25 minutes for the lake tour. For Malaysian students, they can enjoy the cruise as low as RM15 while the charges for adult is only RM20.

Moonlight Cruise- Putrajaya is a sight to behold at night. Experience the night cruise and gaze at the architectural marvels adorned with lights while gliding across the serene lake. The moonlight cruise is available only on Fridays and Saturdays at 830pm and 930pm. The package starts as low as RM5 for the promoted price.

Dining @ Daun- Be it brunch, lunch, hi-tea or dinner the gratifying spread, coupled with breathtaking view of the city heightens the Malaysian experience and hospitality. The arrangement is available everyday 10am- 9.30pm and require minimum booking of 15 persons. The package price starts as low as RM88.

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya 提供各式各样的配套迎合每个游客的需要。


游船和学习-在45分钟的游程中,将会有一个解说员向马来西亚学生们解说布城的惊人历史。每人收费是RM18 (至少30人),时间是每天10点到下午3点半。

游船和浑身是劲-只需RM150 一人,就可以在船上欣赏乐团表演,脚底按摩以及享用鸡尾酒。这配套只在周六晚上才有,但也要有至少30人,整个旅程需要1小时半。

Dondang Sayang 船-想要一个亲密和独特的游程,就来体验传统风格设计的船只。复制的马来船是两头尖尖木制的平底船将带给乘客无可比拟的体验。星期一到四的操作时间是10点到6点半,星期五和六将延长到9点半晚上。整个游程是25分钟。马来西亚学生可以以最低价格RM15购取船票,成人也只需要RM20。



Cruise Tasik Putrajaya,
Jeti Putra,
Jambatan Putra,
Presint 1, 62000 Putrajaya.

For more details, please visit:

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