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关于 Skin Formulation 护肤品

About Skin Formulation

Skin Formulation history:
In 2003, a Taiwan ventured company Skin Wellness Sdn Bhd was established in Malaysia. That marked a first step for the company. Our products adhere to 3 uniqueness i.e. “Natural, Professional and Effective”. The products were manufactured under French & Taiwanese R&D technology and proved with Cosmeceutical effectiveness. With this in mind, the Skin Formulation brand was born.

The Skin Formulation range of products caters for facial & body care. From 2003 till now, Skin Formulation products were distributed throughout beauty salons in Malaysia, Singapore Brunei and other South East Asian countries. Over the years, the products had gained trust & prestige where they were marketed.

I got the chance one day to try their products range. These are the products I am trying for:

Remover Cleansing Gel  
2 in1 gel type cleanser with dual-usage; remover and cleanser doing double cleanse by using just one product. For remover usage, cleansing gel is able to remove super thick foundation, mascara and other make up cleanly. As a cleanser, it removers residue on skin that can’t be seen with naked eyes, leaving skin healthy and clean all time.

Main Ingredients 
Pectin Fruit Extract ~ extracted from a variety of natural fruit, have the ability to break
                                                                   down the grease and make-up on skin.
Hydrolyzed Collagen – Repair weak collagen fibers and cells.
Glycerin Glycerin ~ soothe the skin anti-inflammatory.
Licorice extract- provides strong moisture.

Normalizing Lotion 
This product gives suppleness and hydration to the skin with variety of moisturizing ingredients. Normalizing lotion also allows the skin to absorb moist into the deeper layer of the skin due its small particles, restoring water balance through out the day.

Main ingredients
Aloe Barbadensis Gel- soothes and calms the skin, balance skin pH.
Chamomile Extract – soothing and moisturizing
Hydrolyzed Wheat – Moisturizing effect
Glucose – Moisturizing effect

Seaweed Peeling Cream
By using Seaweed Peeling Cream, the skin’s absorbility could be improved to 80 - 90% by removing unwanted cutins on surface. So it is advisable to use Natural Seaweed Peeling Cream before masking.

Main Ingredients
Seaweed Fiber, Aloe Extract, Bladder Wrack Extract, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Natural Rose Seed Oil.

Skin Revival Mask 
This cool mask can control oil and at the same time provides moisturizing functions to allow the skin to maintain water balance. Icy cool touch mask soothes and calm the skin hence reducing over excretion of sebum.

Main Ingredients
Dead Sea Clay - deep nourishment, whitening, moisturizing and control over excretion of sebum.
Aloe Extract. - soothes and calms the skin, balance skin pH.
Corallina Officinalis Extract - Improve skin metabolism

Eye Nourishing Cream
Soft mild texture eye cream absorbs quickly into the skin, instantly firms up saggy eye bags and wrinkles. Restore adequate moist and hydration around the eye area hence replenish fine lines. 

Main Ingredients
Ceramide III - Quickly repair dry and damaged skin.
Soy Isoflavones - Stimulate cell rejuvenation and promote collagen regeneration.
Gigawhite - contains seven kinds of precious alpine plant components that release natural whitening power.

Perfect Glow Sunscreen
A sunscreen creating a magical touch to the skin, giving skin a flawless healthy complexion, regaining your young baby smooth skin! Perfect Glow sunscreen is an upgraded sunscreen giving your skin variety of effects; a physical sun protection protecting skin 24 hours, reflecting ultraviolet light away from skin.
6 main factors of Perfect Glow Sunscreen
1. to physical sunscreen
2. waterproof, sweat proof
3. Concealer
4. Nude makeup look
5. Goes according to the skin color
6. Moisture

Main ingredients
Glycereth-7 PEG-7 glyceryl ether ~ to form a double moisturizing film, effectively lock moisture and soften skin.
Titanium Dioxide ~ a physical sunscreen ingredients with the ability of reflecting UV ray.
Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate ~ unique silk modified starch, a natural polymer with hydrophobic nature.

Purifying Serum No.1
With papaya enzymes and salicylic acid ingredients, this serum softens skin, unclogs pores and removes dead cells. Plant extracts absorb excess oil; accelerate detoxification, dissolved acne.Reduce the redness, calm inflammation, promote wound healing with vitamin B and form a protective layer of anti-bacteria and accelerate healing. It is a comprehensive treatment of pimples and acne

Main ingredients
PAPIAN AND SALICYLIC ACID - soften the skin, clean pores and remove dead cell and dirt.
LEMON EXTRACT – skin purifying, increase metabolism, wound healing.
BLADDERWRACK EXTRACT - Rich in enzymes, control sebaceous gland, firm skin.

Moisture Gel
Moisturizing gel able to penetrate into the deeper layer of the skin and lock moisture, building a wall of hydration, preventing skin from loss of water.

Main ingredients
Algae extract- promote formation of tissues and increase cell rejuvenation
Sodium Hyaluronate- strong moisturizing effect
Propolis Extract – Purifying effect and prevent scars

Blemish Corrector
Added in herbs ingredients with antibacterial effect, conditioning the skin, preventing acne prone, unclog pores, regulate oil secretion and relieve inflammation of acne and pimples. 

Main ingredients
Tea Tree Oil – excellent anti –bacterial effect.
Eucalyptus Globulus Oil – Balanced sebum excretion
Allantoin - Whitening effect and high healing properties

Their star products are Removing cleansing gel,  Purifying serum and Perfect Glow Sunscreen.

My user experience:  I find that removing cleansing gel ease my cleansing works because it  has dual usage as remover and cleanser. I do not need to apply cleansing oil with cotton and followed by cleansing gel anymore! Quite suitable for those busy and lazy ladies. Throughout the usage, I feel that Normalizing lotion is more easily absorb and moisturize compare with Hada Labo Moisturizng Lotion! Moisture gel is quite suitable for my skin type as moisture cream is too rich for me and not easily absorb, this one works well! By the way, I am not so much like the scent from purifying serum. Finally, I think that Perfect Glow Sunscreen is good for me! It has very light texture which easily spread off my skin and covers all my imperfections. It creates a nude make up look. Moreover, we no need to worry our make up being 'damaged' during raining as this thing is waterproof and sweat proof! So can I say weather proof?

This is no harm a try! Wanna experience the product and bring home some door gift or samples? Then you should not miss this!

Mark down this event on your calendar now! No pushy sales just invite you to give yourself a try! The office is located near Taman Connaught, just behind Giant/ CMC Centre. Those staying nearby, don't miss it!

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