From Main Course to Dessert with California Raisin For This Raya Celebration

The Flavours of Festivity: Epicurean Delights for Raya, a pre-Ramadan celebration hosted by California Raisins, commenced with great enthusiasm at Texture by C3 Lab in Atria Shopping Mall. The event served as a vibrant exhibition of the versatility and lifestyle appeal of California Raisins, ideally timed for the festive Ramadan season.

The festivities commenced with an informative introduction to California Raisins, highlighting their journey from bountiful vineyards to becoming a cornerstone ingredient in both celebratory and everyday cuisines. Renowned for their natural sweetness and nutritional richness, California Raisins rightfully took the center stage.

As guests arrived, they were treated to delectable pastries and beverages infused with California Raisins. These raisin-inspired culinary marvels were masterfully crafted by two of Malaysia's esteemed pastry chefs. 

Chef Aison, an artisan baker with a rich culinary heritage, showcased his ingenuity with creations such as the California Raisins Hazelnut Babka, California Raisins Kouign-Amann, and California Raisins Carrot Cinnabon.

Chef Aison

In parallel, Chef Lawrence Bobo, affectionately dubbed "The Mad Scientist" for his innovative confections, presented a delightful array of sweets, including the California Raisins Apple Tarte Tatin, California Raisins Chocolate Orange cake, and California Raisins Vanilla Petit Gateau.

Chef Lawrence Bobo

To tantalize the palate further, guests were served an appetizer comprising California Raisins & Calamansi Spritzer and California Raisin Waldorf Salad. The main course featured sumptuous dishes like California Raisin Briyani rice, California Raisin smoked beef brisket, and California Raisin Sambal with fried quail egg. The lunch concluded on a sweet note with the indulgent California Raisin Apple Tarte Tatin, complemented by California Raisin Chocolate cake and California Raisin Vanilla cake as petit fours.

The lunch menu created just for the event

The unnamed dish by Chef Aison using California Raisin

California Raisin Waldorf Salad

California Raisin Briyani Rice & California Raisin Beef Brisket

California Raisin Apple Tatin

California Raisin Chocolate Cake & California Raisin Vanilla Cake

The event underscored the lifestyle advantages of incorporating California Raisins into daily diets, especially during festive seasons. As a natural sweetener and convenient snack, California Raisins resonate with the preferences of health-conscious consumers.

More than just a culinary exhibition, Flavours of Festivity celebrates the balanced and joyful lifestyle that California Raisins endorse. The event left attendees inspired and eager to infuse their Raya celebrations with the wholesome sweetness of California Raisins.

Renowned for their premium quality and versatility, California Raisins have become a staple in health-conscious kitchens. Offering a healthier alternative to processed sugars, they serve as the perfect ingredient for both festive and everyday cooking.


  1. Each one looks delicious. Great event.

    1. Indeed a good event to know more way to use California Raisin in daily life

  2. Everything looks so delicious.

    1. I do agree with you. Both chefs are talented.

  3. All the food look amazing.


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