U.S. Potatoes Festive Extragavanza

U.S. Potatoes All The Way Christmas Workshop, an exclusive culinary event celebrating the versatility and flavor of U.S. potatoes, took invited guests and influencers on an immersive journey through the world of potatoes. The event featured a variety of activities including cooking demonstrations, a food carving workshop, hands-on sessions, and product showcases. Guests were presented with a Potato Christmas Garden displaying an array of U.S. fresh potato varieties such as Russet, Red, and Purple along with different cuts of frozen U.S. potatoes as well as instant U.S. mashed potato mixes.

U.S. Potatoes Festive Extragavanza 2023

The fun-filled event featured an array of interesting activities and games with winning contestants receiving special prizes, adding an element of friendly engagement between the guests and host. Guests also commemorated the moment at the event and partook in a social media contest.

The event also saw Mr. Eddie Saw, Country Representative of Potatoes U.S.A., deliver an enlightening speech about the product, company background, and significance of US potatoes.

Renowned Chef ZieZie then captivated the audience with cooking demonstrations of Baked U.S. Potatoes with Cheese, followed by a hands-on cooking session with her creation of Twinkle U.S. Potatoes Stars, a delightful potato dish using U.S. Russet potatoes.

U.S. Potatoes Festive Extragavanza 2023
Baked U.S. Potatoes with Cheese by Chef ZieZie

U.S. Potatoes Festive Extragavanza 2023
Hands-on session making Twinkle U.S. Potatoes Stars

U.S. Potatoes Festive Extragavanza 2023
Twinkle U.S. Potatoes Stars before baking

It was then followed by Chef Taufiq Halim leading a potato carving workshop, teaching guests to carve 2 festive figurines from U.S. Russet and Purple potatoes.

U.S. Potatoes Festive Extragavanza 2023
Chef Taufiq Halim showing us his Santa Claus figurine using U.S. Potatoes

U.S. Potatoes Festive Extragavanza 2023
With my reindeer figurine (80% carved with help from chef😂)

 To wrap up the event, 10 lucky guests were selected for the social media contest to bring home a beautifully crafted U.S. Potatoes flower bouquet. The day concluded with a presentation of certificates of attendance to guests, a group photo session, and a sumptuous lunch including U.S. Potatoes cuisine. 

U.S. Potatoes Festive Extragavanza 2023
my bouquet from winning the social media contest.

 Jingle U.S. Potatoes All The Way Christmas Workshop was a celebration of U.S. potatoes, highlighting their nutritional benefits and culinary versatility.

It was a day filled with learning, enjoyment, and delicious potato-based treats, leaving guests with a deeper appreciation for this humble yet versatile vegetable.


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