Why We Need an Air Purifier?

Right after we installed our customized wardrobe, MDF board work desk, vanity table and new wall paint coating for the room, I told my hubby that we should get an air purifier as I could not stand the toxic odour from the furniture and the paint. Well, previously we tried to place some plants inside and even some charcoals (at least 2 weeks) but none of this is useful. Toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene from the furniture and VOC from the paint could definitely bring some short- or long-term health effects since we are going to stay in the room for long hours. Short-term side effects from inhaling VOCs can include irritation of the eyes, nose, or throat, headache, feeling dizzy or light-headed, nausea and difficulty in breathing. Meanwhile, exposure to high concentrations of VOCs for extended periods can cause long-term damage to certain body systems, including the nervous system, liver and kidneys.

On the other hand, high levels of exposure to formaldehyde may cause some types of cancers as well. This is where we sleep, work/ studying and eat so we have to make sure the air is clean wherein the air circulates in a repetitive, frequent way in an enclosed space. Improving indoor air quality is crucial as we rarely open our windows due to the tobacco smoke from outside and to prevent mosquitoes (especially Aedes) to get inside our room.

Apart from the harmful odour, our second criterion for the air purifier is that it could safeguard our health and well-being. Both of us are staying with my hubby’s parents under one roof and we could be easily infected with any communicable disease since we are not wearing any face masks at home. This happened once when my mother-in-law was infected with Covid-19 and unaware of it. She continued to cook for us during that time even though she felt not well. She was not wearing any face mask at home when she was sneezing or coughing. The symptoms were more obvious a few days later which was detected a bit late. It was hard for us to control her mum as she did not listen to us and went out of the quarantine room when we did not notice. So, I was infected after her and thus my hubby had to stay in another room. Nevertheless, everything was not as planned as we were infected one after another. Things could be worse if I was pregnant. We don’t know what will happen to the fetus and me if I was infected. Thus, I strongly advised my hubby after the incident that we should get an air purifier for our room that can protect us from the airborne virus. 

After some searching, we finally end up with Cosmo Pro Air Purifier, equipped with advanced air filtration technology. The air purifier comes with 5 in 1 filter inclusive of a medical-grade H13+ HEPA filter, activated carbon filter (neutralises odours, absorbs formaldehyde), Cosmo Anti-bacteria shield (prevent the growth of bacteria), photocatalyst filter (kills harmful substances through light energy) and prefilter (captures large particles such as hair, dust, lint and fur). Their air filtration technology has pores 20 times finer than the average filters which manage to filter all kinds of air pollutants. This includes pollen, dust, mould, dust mites, common smoke, lead dust, pet dander, asbestos, paint pigments, insecticide, anthrax, carbon dust, bacteria, textile fibre, tobacco smoke, VOC and virus carriers.

Cosmo air purifier filter
 This multifunctional 5 in 1 filter is what we like when we consider an air purifier.

The activated carbon filter in the air purifier is an important factor in our purchasing decision. Cosmo’s specially engineered activated carbon layer neutralises odours in the air and absorbs formaldehyde that’s commonly found in homes including gas stoves, wood products, walls and floors which is what we looking for. Above all, what we like most is their Cosmo Pro Air Purifier with photocatalyst filter that breaks down germs, viruses and bacteria which escaped through the HEPA H13+ filter by electrostatic and oxidisation effects of the electron turning them into harmless substances such as carbon dioxide and water. Coupled with the medical-grade HEPA H13+ filter that removes 99.97% air particles measuring 0.2 microns in diameter, the photocatalyst filter offers double protection to us.

Air purifier showing bad air quality in the house
The air purifier inside our bedroom (door closed) with red light indicator shows how poor the air quality we breathe in when we renovate the living room (even though the vacuum cleaner is turned on).

If you know someone with a pet at home, this air purifier could be their best gift. First, Cosmo’s Pet Guardian trademark (Cosmo’s carbon filter layer is fitted with an antimicrobial agent) feature targets odour specifically from pets and neutralises it effectively. No matter how often you bathe your pet, wipes their asshole after poops and change the pee pads, there will be an unpleasant odour developed anyway after some time. Some people even develop pet allergy symptoms like hay fever, sneezing and runny nose. In a worse case, they could experience signs of asthma, such as wheezing and difficulty breathing. Pet allergy is an allergic reaction to proteins found in an animal's skin cells, saliva or urine. As your pet ages or their health declines, it can make more of an allergen than before. Cosmo pro air purifier with allergen-capturing air filter has the 360˚ filtration that effectively filters the fur, dander (5-10 microns) and microbes from all around no matter where it is placed up to 100m2  coverage or 1000 square feet apartment size. Thus, it is adequate enough to cover a whole house where your pet roams around.

Within a few minutes of cleaning the air from the living room when opening the connecting door, the air quality is improving with a green light indicator. When you are in auto mode, the fan speed is automatically adjusted according to the air quality. It speeds up when the red light indicator is on.


Other features of Cosmo Pro Air Purifier include:

· 3 fan speed control with sleep mode only a noise level of 20 dB.
· PM 2.5 counter
· WIFI activation
· Produces anions
· Night light function
· UVC lamp
· Filter replacement indicator
· Light-based air quality indicator (red, green, blue)
· Child lock
· Smart timer
· LED display panel

· All products qualify for a 5-year warranty if the terms & conditions are met. 

Need not worry when you are their customer as they also offer a 20-day free trial which is the longest trial period in the market. Nothing beats testing the physical product in the comfort of your own home. You can try this product with your family members and get their comments as well. In case you are truly dissatisfied with their product, you can return to them without a question asked. Nevertheless, the buyer should communicate their problem with the company so that they can improve it later.

 For those interested, please visit: www.airpurifier.com.my


  1. We love are air purifer.


    1. That's great you love using the air purifier too

  2. So far i don't have any air purifer.at home...may be in future hopely can get the new one

    1. If you have baby at home, I would definitely recommend to get one.


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