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Recipe: Oven-baked Five Spices Chicken Roulade topped with Szechuan Crumble and Shimeiji Mushroom 😋

Sharing Chef David's (from Pullman KLCC) recipe:

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Oven-baked Five Spice Chicken Roulade topped with Szechuan Crumble and Shimeji Mushrooms

Whole Chicken Boneless 1.2kg

For marinating chicken:
Five spices powder 5g
Ginger powder 5g
Cinnamon powder 3g
Salt & Sugar to taste

For crispy chicken skin (showering):
Rice vinegar, lemon and maltose sugar

For topping sauce:
sesame seed 30g
peanut (crushed) 20g
Chopped garlic (deep-fried) 20g
red onion (deep-fried) 20g
Black vinegar 5g
Chilli powder 10g
Curry meat powder 10g
Cooking oil 10ml

Sweet peas 50g
Capsicum 30g
Shimeiji mushroom 30g

1. Remove all the bones of the chicken.
2. Roll the whole boneless with a net until it becomes roulade (Press it after rolling). Then, marinate with chicken marinated ingredient and shower it with crispy skin ingredients. Leave aside for 1 day.
3. Bake the chicken roulade in the oven, set 165°C for 25 mins.
4. Heat the pan, toss sesame and peanut. Crush the peanut after tossing. Then deep fried chopped garlic. red onion to a golden brown, mix it well with sesame and crushed peanut. Leave aside.
5. Heat the pot, pour cooking oil. Add in curry meat powder, chilli powder, black vinegar, soya sauce, bring to boil until fragrant and become paste.
6. Heat the pan, saute sweet peas, capsicum and shimeiji mushroom until cooked.
7. Cut the chicken roulade into pieces and place on a plate, pour the topping sauce on top and finish with sauteed vegetables.

Photo during demonstration

Roulade before baking

Adding topping sauce


For this dish, the preparation time is long. We have to take 1 day to marinate the chicken (either in the fridge or at room temperature). But then the taste of chicken roulade is superb after a long marinating time. I would say it is a bit complicated and not that easy to prepare. Nevertheless, you could head over to Pullman KLCC this CNY to try out this dish if you think it is troublesome to make it :)


  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us. So going to give it a try.

    1. Hopefully you could share your experience later in your blog

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed this fusion cuisine is a delicacy that not much people know how to make it.


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