Career Contentment: Learning To Be Happier in Your Work

Do you feel you could be happier in life? The answer might not be about being happy in life, but about being happy in your work. The fact of the matter is that you spend a quarter of your week at work, and more than a third of your life working to line someone else's pockets. As a result, it's hardly a surprise that people are now taking control of their lives and starting their own businesses. But being happy, whether you are self-employed or employed, means taking a few simple steps. 

Career Contentment: Learning To Be Happier in Your Work

Prioritise Professional Development

Being happy depends on how you view your job. If you are not happy in your work environment, you've got to find an environment that suits your temperament. Many people are now realising that they would rather work for themselves in a freelance capacity because it means that they are going to be more content in so many parts of their lives. This is why so many people are now becoming delivery drivers. There is a huge demand for this type of work but it also provides a lot of physical freedom, because you're not trapped in an office. If you want to start on this journey you can bid for jobs on Shiply as well as find other freelance websites. Being a freelancer is hard work because you are constantly trying to find a job, but if you have no clear career path, a freelance approach might be the best way to go because it gives you that flexibility and freedom.

Find Out What Motivates You 

Many people are unhappy in their work environment because they don't know what motivates them. When you like a sense of meaning in your job, you do not feel motivated to do anything. Instead, think about how you define success and fulfilment. How does it relate to your work? The reality might be that you are confusing personal happiness with professional happiness. Your work might not be motivating you or fulfilling you in any way. But, there may be something broken between what motivates you and how you relate to your job.

Is Your Work Draining You?

If you find your work exhausting, look at which parts dream you, and what makes you feel fulfilled. You can conduct a little experiment. For the next three days, write down every task at work, and make a note as to if each one fills you with energy or drains you of it, including unintentional tasks, such as procrastinating. After three days, review this, and see if you can make any changes to motivate you and enliven you.

Do you feel bound by the money?

If you are looking to buy your first home for a certain lifestyle, you may feel trapped by the finance aspect of things. But you need to remind yourself of why you are working there in the first place. You may find yourself getting stressed about parts of a job, which means you can lose sight of what excited you in the first place. If you are bound by the money, and you do not feel excited by the job at all, this has to be a sign of change.


  1. True. Most people bound by work that they dont like and have no choice. Really hard to find the one you enjoy and look forward to everyday.

  2. We should fight for our dreams, good post ❤

  3. Hah! Hah! Enjoy the work life,i am retiring soon!You should also write about planning for retirement for an early escape from worklife.


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