Beauty In The Pot: China-Style Hotpot

This was the only post for this month as I was busy for the preparation of thesis submission. Finally, I submitted last Friday. Phew. Another milestone was unlocked. Please wish me luck for my viva session 2 months later. Back to the topic, I'm going to share the hotpot that I had this year during Valentine Day at Beauty In The Pot 美滋锅. 

It was a long queue in front of the shop. They even gave us a paper and a number that asked us to be alert of the call once it's near our turn.

I guess we waited for 2 hours before our turn. Luckily the restaurant is located inside the mall and we could go to other shops for shopping.

The food was not cheap at all. We could select if we want 1/2/4 soups for the hotpot. Since we were first timer, we then chose 2 types of soups.

The soup can be refilled anytime.

The ambience of the restaurant is quite feminine. The staff is very friendly. If you want to celebrate your birthday here, the staff will come and sing along the birthday song in front of you. Anything you want to order could proceed through the tablet on the table.

Important note: Put the ingredients in after the soup was fully boiled.

The pork looks good.

We ordered a lot till we can't finish all. One should order one type of noodle is enough. We were too full that day.

I like their crispy fish skin. This one is like a snack and should not put inside the hotpot :)

I don't know what is this called. The paste is made of seafood. The staff will come to serve you to roll this into many small balls and put into the hotpot for you.

The total cost of our bill was RM262.85. This was considered at the higher side of the restaurant's food spending.

Our picture together before we left the restaurant while still putting on their napkin.

I yet tried the HaiDiLao, perhaps after these two, I could tell which one is better. I know there are a lot of other China hotpot restaurant opening around KL, I would definitely want to try it :)



  1. Such a cool place to eat at.

  2. Good luck for session :) Give us know, when you will be after this :)


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