Learn FinTech @ Putrajaya LIFT Festival 2019

Putrajaya LIFT Festival is not showcasing the elevator available in Putrajaya but it means Literacy in Financial Technology and Living in Future Times (LIFT). According to a report, financial literacy among Malaysian is low. Half of the population (52%) say they face difficulties raising even RM1,000 for emergencies. Thus, the Bank Negara Malaysia (central bank of Malaysia) together with a few strategic partners will be organizing the first-time ever Putrajaya LIFT Festival with the aim to improve the financial literacy of the public and nurture a digital society.

Learn FinTech @ Putrajaya LIFT Festival 2019

My Personal FinTech (Finance Technology) Encounter:
Recently, the e-wallet app is a hot topic in the town. I always discuss with my friend to find which app offers more benefits like cashback. The first I use was KiplePay (active in 2017) but due to some technical problems with the merchants, I always could not pay successfully and at last, I uninstalled it. And not long ago, I tried Boost for a mobile top-up, it was quite generous for the cashback at the beginning but later it only gives RM0.20  cashback. Next, I tried on TouchnGo since they giveaway RM8 for every new user with the promo code. Some promotions are quite tempting like RM2.50 for Tealive regular drink, RM1 for a street burger and so on. But I saw a lot complains that the 7-eleven buy RM11 cashback RM7 is a scam. Many people did not get back the RM7 as promised. In sum, I hope the e-wallet service could be improved before engaging more people to use it.

Back to the topic, how about your experience with the FinTech or the e-wallet? Have you used it before? Well, if you never use before, come to Putrajaya LIFT Festival as the expert will share their experience through the workshops and talks, and all are free! Not only the digital wallet will be discussed but SME, banking and insurance as well. On the other hand, items sold at the festival will be cashless too. Be prepared to install the e-wallet app to use there :)

Learn FinTech @ Putrajaya LIFT Festival 2019


When?  Where?

The festival will be held for two (2) days from 28 to 29 December 2019 with a fun and interactive concept, featuring performances in art, and technology that provides a glimpse into the future of finance. In addition, the festival also aims to inspire and showcase relevant and practical information on financial empowerment in today's dynamic digital world.

The Putrajaya LIFT Festival will take place at three (3) strategic locations  (walkable “village-like” site) within Precinct 2, Putrajaya, ;
  •  Menara Perkeso (main showcase- seminars, workshops, talks and exhibitions)
  •  Suasana PJH, Block A (The Market)
  •  Ministry of Finance complex 
And outdoor and its surrounding areas:
  • The Rotunda
  • The Boulevard 


The festival is a one-stop centre that caters a range of exciting programmes and entertainment for public through 'The Showcase, The Market and The Fringe'. 

       1. The showcase:

Learn FinTech @ Putrajaya LIFT Festival 2019

Visitors are invited to visit the Digital-Fintech Pavilion (main showcase) organised by Bank Negara Malaysia at Menara PERKESO@Putrajaya. The Pavilion will feature seminars, workshops, talks and exhibitions from various financial institutions and fintech companies. A range of financial services and consultations will be offered including financial counselling, dispute resolutions, children’s activities, financing for SMEs and housing, CCRIS reviews and information on financial scams that are prevalent today.

       2. The Market:

Learn FinTech @ Putrajaya LIFT Festival 2019

The Market is an extensive marketplace in 5 themed segments covering a range of products: 
  • Pasar Glam – lifestyle, fashion, beauty
  • Pasar Seni – traditional & contemporary art & craft 
  • Pasar Tradisi – traditional medicinal/herbal products 
  • Pasar Botani – unique & collectors’ plants 
  • Medan Makan – food (both food trucks and food stalls) featuring the best of Malaysian and international delicacies   

      3. The Fringe:

Learn FinTech @ Putrajaya LIFT Festival 2019

'The Fringe' is the entertainment section of the festival that features high-tech performances, international and local street acts and music showcases by local bands at various times of the day. The street art performers are from:

  • - Argentina 
  • - Spain
  •  - South Korea 
  • - United Kingdom 
  • - Sweden 
  • - The Netherlands
  •  - Hungary 
  • - Canada 
  • - Italy 
  • - Australia 

 Learn FinTech @ Putrajaya LIFT Festival 2019
Learn FinTech @ Putrajaya LIFT Festival 2019

There is also high-tech 8K HD VR cinema by Taiwan Funique Studio. If you high-tech lover, you should not miss this!

Learn FinTech @ Putrajaya LIFT Festival 2019

Visitors also have the opportunity to visit the 'Future Pods', a futuristic showcase on a variety of subjects. 

Learn FinTech @ Putrajaya LIFT Festival 2019

About the program/tentative during Putrajaya LIFT Festival:

Learn FinTech @ Putrajaya LIFT Festival 2019

Learn FinTech @ Putrajaya LIFT Festival 2019

Learn FinTech @ Putrajaya LIFT Festival 2019

For more information, please visit: www.putrajayalift.com


How to go?

Menara PERKESO Putrajaya = Menara MRCB

p/s: Ample parking is available


  1. I havent try e wallet. I still prefer real cash when doing transactiin but with everything go online now, I guess sooner or later, we need to follow the trend.

    1. Yup sooner Sarawak will follow the trend, it makes our transaction more easier and hygenic (no cash)

  2. Interesting show which have to go round the country or else many will be left behind.

  3. It looks like huge events with great momentum.


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