Batam Trail Run 2019

Batam Trail Run is the first international run event that I ever join. Batam Trail Run 5 km was organised with the co-operation from Team Tebing Langit and Karang Taruna Kota Batam, to boost sports tourism in Batam, Indonesia. The run also offer participants' another type of travel experience in the nature of Batam while engaging in the sport activity.That was an interesting route covering the Instagrammable spot -Tebing Langit.  The 5km trail is not easy as it sounds. The trail involving Tebing Langit includes natural rocky paths, slippery 45-degree slopes and uphill climbs which tests the stamina of each participant.

The registration fee for adult was RP100k while RP60k for the kid between 10 years old to 16 years old. T-shirt, snack and mineral water were provided for free.

The kids run was 2.5km only without passing through much the forest.

Snack offered for participants were packed in boxes.

Mr Lim, the owner of Sijori Resort taking photos with the school kids and he himself also joined the 5km trail walk together with his wife and family members.

The event kick started with the traditional Indonesian dance and cheer-leading performance by Ligers cheerleaders from SMAN 16 Batam to liven up the event. 

After the first whistle blew, the school kids started their 2.5k m journey enthusiastically.

For the second whistle blew, the adult participants ran as fast as they could to grab the cash prizes.

For my surprise, the first school kid was almost finishing within 15 minutes after the race started.

This was the champion for the 5km trail run. 

Kenya participants

Cheerleaders team was giving away the medal to all finishers.

The winner brought home SGD500, first runner brought home SGD 300 while the third won SGD200. All cash prizes were swept by Kenya participants!

It was another travel experience for me in Batam. Thumbs up to all participants who finished the trail run :)


  1. Kenyan. They are top long distance runners.

    Nice to join such event. New experience and things to learn.

    1. they not only long distance but great runners for all circumstances

  2. This is such a lovely event.Thanks for sharing these colorful pictures

  3. 5k are so much fun. I haven't ran one in a long time.


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