Local Hawker Fare @ Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place KL

Trying to get street food in KLCC area is not as easy as those days. The area is surrounded with high rise office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and serviced apartments which is impossible to find any hawker spots nearby. Well, I was very delighted with the opening of Malaysia Boleh! Food Court at Four Seasons Place (Robinsons Shopping Mall - next to KLCC) which offers various local hawker fares to choose from.

Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place KL

Malaysia Boleh! Food Court is opened by Singaporean and managed under Fei Siong Food Management Sdn Bhd. Following the success of Malaysia Boleh! Food Court in Singapore, the owner decided to open one in Four Seasons Place KL which just operated for 3 months now. 

So, what makes this food court special? Some of the food sold in this place are made according to the recipes bought from the well-known hawker stalls in Malaysia. Secondly, all food is prepared wholly by Chinese to maintain the authentic Malaysian Chinese taste. Thirdly, senior aged aunty comes to sight bussing the tables after diners left. This mimics the Singapore food court scenario which also gives one of a kind dining experience here.

Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place KL

According to the food operators, lunch hour during the weekday is busiest when the office workers in the vicinity making a beeline for Malaysia Boleh!

Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place KL

The playing of Chinese melodies, birdcages artistically hanging overhead, specially patterned stools and chairs, the characteristic decorations and atmosphere reminiscent of my childhood.

Pork noodles Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place KL
Pork noodles RM9

Malaysia Boleh! Food Court is non-halal eatery. This is what it makes it stands out from others. The most popular among the diners is pork noodles. Overall, the soup comes with a hearty serving of sliced pork meat, pork balls and minced pork patties, each part is cooked to tender perfection.

Malaysia Boleh! Foodcourt nearby KLCC
Claypot Chicken Rice RM10 

Claypot chicken rice is my friend's favourite there. The claypot has added in chicken, salted fish, “lap cheong”, dark soy sauce, ginger, sugar, and salt. Give you a savoury taste that this dish is a must-have in Malaysia Boleh! Food court.

Penang Fried Oyster  Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place KL
Penang Fried Oyster RM12 (regular portion)

The Penang fried oyster is well-cooked. The starch was crispy, yet there are bits of starchiness that gave it texture. The oysters, though big in size, was juicy and delicious. There it goes, the eggs are balanced in between and mixed well together to give it fragrance and flavour.

For other eatery places without air-conditioner like 118 food court, the fried oyster standard price is RM10. For the extra RM2 paying to dine in this cosy environment, I have no complains at all.

 Hokkien Mee Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place KL
 KL Hokkien Mee RM 12 (regular portion)

KL Hokkien mee or stir-fried dark noodles is famous for the dark, fragrant sauce that the noodles are braised in. To my surprise, there is no "kan shui" taste in the noodles. Topped with crispy fried lard, it gives the Hokkien Mee a kick.

Chilli Pan Mee Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place KL
Chilly Ban Mian RM10

Chilly Ban Mian is available in dry or soup form. The chilly ban mian shown above is in dry form and "Fu Cuk" soaked in the soup in a separate bowl aside. If you are a chilli lover, this is something for you to try!

curry chicken noodle  Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place KL
Curry Chicken Noodle RM9

Curry chicken noodle is one of the specialities here. The curry chicken noodle is added with the generous amount of yong tau fu, pig's skin, tau fu pok, fu cuk which definitely will satisfy your taste bud. Besides, the broth is not too spicy but packed with flavour.

nasi lemak ayam  Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place KL
Nasi Lemak RM3.50 ; Fried Chicken Drumstick RM6

Where could you find nasi lemak for the only RM3.50 inside a shopping mall? I just could not believe myself when I see the price label at the stall.

bak kut teh  Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place KL
Bak Kut Teh RM13

“Bak Kut Teh “ in the Hokkien or Fujianese dialect literally translates to Pork Rib Tea. The dish originates from Klang. The pork rib and pig stomach mix well with the soup, infused with herbs to cook for hours, eventually, the soup gives an evocative scent.

 Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place KL
Fried carrot cake RM8 (regular portion)

 Penang Char Kuey Tiao Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place KL
Penang Style Char Kuay Tiao RM9 (regular portion)

Penang Style Char Kuay Tiao has been modified with no cockles added. The worker explained that the fresh cockles harvested are not good to taste anymore by the time they receive the stock.

Malaysia Boleh! Foodcourt nearby KLCC
KL Wanton Mee RM9 

This Wanton mee has been a perennial favourite among Malaysian. The noodles remain springy until the last mouthful of it. The dish comes with a decent amount of leafy greens, char siew and handmade wonton.

Malaysia Boleh! Foodcourt nearby KLCC
Chicken rice RM8

The chicken rice here is served according to Ipoh Buntong version. The rice was fluffy, the chicken was super tender, and the broth was flavorful(broth not in photo). The dipping sauce had a kick to it.Additional bean sprouts cost RM2.

Malaysia Boleh! Foodcourt nearby KLCC
Penang Laksa RM10 

This spicy-sour tamarind soup dish comes with rice noodles, chunks of fish, and vegetables like mint leaves, pineapple, onions, chili paddy and cucumber are deliciously savoury. When served with a spoonful of sweetened prawn paste, the laksa becomes even more flavourful and satisfying. The texture of the noodles was chewy to my liking as the soup was thick, aromatic and full of flavour.

penang prawn mee Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place KL
Penang Prawn Mee  RM10

This Penang Prawn Mee is served with thick and concentrated soup. The soup was rich with umami taste, and to me slightly more on the salty side but does not miss on the sweetness. Despite that the noodles were fragrant and tasty, thanks to the inclusion of pork lard, fried shallots and the sambal chilli. The bright looking prawns were de-shelled, halved and cleaned! So you don’t need to de-shelled by using your fingers.

Pau Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place KL
Signature Golden Sand Pau RM3

Besides Signature Golden Sand Pau, we also spotted Malaysian delights such as big pau, char siew pau, pandan pau, lin yong pau, red bean pau, loh mai kai, chee cheong fun, and vegetables kuih with fillings (chive/ turnips/ yam/ pumpkin) sold in affordable price.

Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place KL

Customers are required to order and pay on the spot for the food they ordered at respective stalls in Malaysia Boleh! (self-service)

Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place KL

penang chendol Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place KL
Penang Road Famous Chendol RM3 per bowl

The tantalizing Penang Road Famous Chendol is well accepted by local folks especially during hot days. The ladies non-stop preparing the chendol from shaved ice. The sweetness of gula Melaka coupled with the creamy texture of coconut milk with the right amount of chendol and big non-mushy red beans, one bowl is not enough!

drinks, coffee Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place KL
Coffee C RM2.50 (hot), Coffee O RM2 (hot), Ying Yong RM3 (cold)

The drinks are sold at the price similar with those kopitiams opened at random shoplot. The coffee is "KAW" enough for our liking.

Address: B1-01B, Shoppes at Four Seasons Place, 145 Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opening hours: 10am - 10pm daily


  1. Wow sounds like an awesome food court. Also the food looks amazing. Your not going to find food like that here in the state at a mall food court.


    1. I would like to explore your place one day :)

  2. There is one good court over here that look like this. The setting, the Hawkeye feel. All in air con food court in.a mall.

    Love the birdcage. So Chinese. Hahaha.

  3. The kind of food I love, Emily! Nice ambiance too. I would enjoy coming here.

    1. huhu please come to shop and eat here! hahaha


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