Elianto Latest Makeup Series - Durian Musang King Collection

Durian Makeover?

Durian is often being enjoyed as a fruit and there are many durian-flavoured products such as coffee, cake and biscuits which are becoming popular too. But have you ever dreamed of wearing durian fruit in your make up? Elianto, the truly Malaysian cosmetic brand unveils the first ever make up collection made from the "King of all Fruits" - Durian Musang King. As a beauty trendsetter, this durian flavoured collection allows you to have a taste of durian throughout the day in its lipstick and eyeshadow that will make your peepers pop too.

Elianto - Durian Musang King Collection

Musang King is very much sought after species by durian lovers. It has deep yellow flesh likewise in the new Elianto Durian Musang King collection.  The products comprise rich yellow colours for its lip care, lip colour, highlighter, mono eyeshadows and lastly its refreshing yet woody scent of Durio Bloom EDP fragrance.

The new Durian Musang King collection comes with rich pigments, soft, smooth and moisturizing texture. A go-to favourite for beauty buffs and durian lovers.

At the packaging, the product label claims to have anti-irritant, anti-oxidant and moisturizing to the skin.

Elianto - Durian Musang King Collection

Elianto - Durian Musang King Collection

Durian Musang King Eyeshadows – RM19.90

Monos celebrate vibrant self-expression with 2 new Musang King shades. Highly charged with pigments, the shades have an ultra-soft formula with a texture that is silky to the touch. It removes access oil formation on the eyelids, giving an amazing matte finish. Wear alone or create multiple eyes looks by mixing to create your ideal eye look with these long-lasting eyeshadows. Comes in two shades Cocoa and Yellow.

Elianto - Durian Musang King Collection

Elianto - Durian Musang King Collection

Durian Musang King Highlighter – RM59.90

Whether you’re going for an everyday beauty or glamour, highlighter is the one product you can’t live without. A touch of highlighter lights up your face with appealing radiance and illuminates your face for a naturally radiant look. You can highlight your cheeks for more define cheekbones, brow bone contouring and to eye enlargement effect. Your complexion looks brighter with a dewy glow.

The eyeshades are suitable for the day make up in my personal opinion. I never use the highlighter in my make up thus I can't give much thought on this.

Elianto - Durian Musang King Collection

Elianto - Durian Musang King Collection

Durian Musang King Lip Care SPF18 – RM39.90

The must-have lip care infused with durian scent. A combination of natural ingredients for maximum hydration and comfort which include cocoa butter, olive oil and vitamin E. Also comes with SPF18 to protect the lips from the harmful UV rays and external aggressions. Comes in two beautiful shades of Pinkish and Yellow.

Elianto - Durian Musang King Collection

Durian Musang King Lip Colour – RM39.90

Velvety smooth soft lip colour delivers a burst of creamy color and sets to a stunning matte finish. Long-lasting, lightweight and delightfully creamy, it’s no wonder this sweetly, durian scented formula is a fan favorite.

LIMITED EDITION COLLECTION ~ Available in the following outlets from 20th April 2018.

Elianto Outlets :
  • KLIA2 Dosmetic Departure
  • Sogo Department Store, 3rd Floor
  • Berjaya Time Square, 3rd Floor.
  • First World Plaza, Level 2A.
  • Mitsui Outlet Park, 1st Floor.
  • Mid Valley Megamall LG and 1st Floor.
  • IOI City Mall, G Floor.
  • Queensbay Mall, LG Floor.
  • Melawati Mall, 1st Floor.
  • Setia City Mall, G Floor.
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  1. I have never heard of this fruit before. So going to see if I can find it here in the state and try it out. Have a great week.


    1. wow seriously you never heard of durian?!
      You must try it one day, the so called king of the fruits :)

  2. What? Durian in cosmetic? Geez. I don't know I am thrilled to smell durian in my lipsticks or not.

  3. Wow! I would love to try these makeup products <3 Great! Thanks for sharing <3 Lots of love!
    Beauty and Fashion Freaks

  4. Kakaka...durian?! That's an A-plus for being unique! I'm actually excited to try this.


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