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The first week of Jan 2018 already gone! How's everyone doing? Did any shopping for CNY? Where do you refer when you wanna buy something online? Well, you will look over for some recommendation by others right? (in case you not sure about what you want especially when you are not IT geek) 

I'm not a techie person thus to buy a gadget or electronic devices, the first thing comes to my mind is certainly Google! And Google directed me to "productnation" when I type "gadget product review Malaysia" in the search column!

ProductNation has all the latest product reviews and roundups that are at the right price, on-trend, consumer favourites and timely in Malaysia. Looking for and getting hold of the best products here in Malaysia can be a pain sometimes. 

But the site recommends the best products locals are searching for accordingly and also ensure that these products can be found here in Malaysia instead of getting them from overseas.

One of the best things to refer in ProductNation would be the TV box review. In old days, we have to subscribe Astro to access various international channels from China, Taiwan, Thailand, Arab, Hong Kong and India. But now we have the TV box which enables us to connect to a world of content and entertainment at home provided with internet access. Comparison of the functionality, price and detailed description are shown for readers to have a better understanding prior making a decision, to cart in the best TV box Malaysia.

Another gadget probably everyone using now is the power bank. We take it with us especially if we are on-the-go! The battery of our smartphone depleted quickly over time. Thus getting a good one is essential!

There are many possibilities can be happened if we hike. If you are my FB friend, certainly you know that last few days I losing my superior who died in Mount Kinabalu when he was descending. No one noticed when he was separated from the group from KM8 point. I am pretty sad when I heard this news! Investigation still on-going to find out the cause of death.

If we face any difficulty in the hike, and we could not make a call as the battery of smartphone and power bank run out, we possibly scared to death right? And I found this in their Best Power Bank Malaysia column. We have a power bank equipped with a solar panel to recharge the device using the sun! Isn't that awesome? This sounds great to frequent hikers, particularly in our country.

I think I really have written too long for now. For more review, log on to ProductNation now!


  1. Sounds okay. Love this :)

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  2. Wow..that TV box sounds exciting, Emily. Good one!

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