Cheesy PizzArt by Anchor Food Professional

 Every time when we mentioned of pizza, what you have in mind? Besides the crunchy texture, we would like to have the springy cheesy filling in the pizza. Well, this time I will share with you guys about my PizzArt food trail, taking the enjoyment of pizza a notch up into an art form. We tried out a series of artisanal pizzas that Anchor Food Professionals has launched in earlier this year. 

Together with 24 outlets in Peninsula and East Malaysia, Anchor Food Professionals will be introducing artisanal pizzas that are taking the world by storm. Masterpieces such as Flower Pizzas, Pizza Bombs, Adjaruli Khachapuri, Mini Muffin Pizzas and Pot Pie Pizzas are waiting to be devoured at participating restaurants from May to mid-November 2017.

Trio of Pizza Muffins RM15.80

Our first stop was at Movida IOI Puchong. The served pizza muffins were stuffed with Smoked Duck & Peach, Chicken Pepperoni & Jalapeno, Turkey Ham & Chives respectively besides the cheese from Anchor Food Professional. This was my first time seeing the pizza shaped in this way and size, nevertheless they are being creatively crafted in this mouthful way. They can be taken as breakfast or snack.

The artisanal pizzas were conceptualized and created by the Anchor Food Professionals’ Hot Cooking Chefs as a way to help their partners create more excitement and variety in what they offer to their customers.

The pizzas can only be made by kitchen crew with advanced culinary skills, and in restaurants with pizza ovens. Chefs and assistants from participating restaurants were trained in the ways of a skilled pizzaiolo by Anchor Food Professional in preparation for the launch of the campaign. Through workshops they were taught specialized skills to create unusual pizzas such as the avant-garde Pizza Flower.

The recipes call for only the finest ingredients such as Anchor Mozzarella Shredded Cheese, Anchor Unsalted Butter, Anchor Colby Cheese, Anchor Cheddar Cheese, and Mainland Edam Cheese. In Malaysia, the Anchor brand is already a leader in the dairy segment. When you dine in a restaurant, a hotel, or a quick service restaurant (QSR), chances are you are already having a taste of Fonterra’s dairy products through Anchor.

U Formaggio 
If you are cheese lover but not a meat lover, you could try this -U Formaggio at U Pizzeria, Subang Jaya. This is a plain cheese pizza without meat. 

U formaggio meaning so chessy in Italy is super cheesy as you see when I pull a piece from the pizza. 

The cheese is so elastic like a rubber texture which one can pull it till a very high level without breaking the "string". You can play with it while enjoying the pizza :D

U Pot Pie
Pot pie pizzas are made from chicken, mushroom, onion topped with tomato paste, cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese to make the texture rich. 

Those of you who have tried your hands at making pizzas, you’ll know that it’s no easy feat. In making this pizza, the dough needs to be kneaded, proofed and prepared in a way to achieve that perfect chewiness on the inside and the crispiness on the outside. 

The pot pie pizzas are hearty and satisfying as they sound with pizza dough used as a pie crust with all the flavours and stringy cheesiness of a pizza steaming inside. Thumbs up for this!

Movida is not only the kind of place you can come in for a beer but that's more! Well, at least I don't know they serve pizza till I had a chance to dine in here.
Salted Egg Pizza Bombs RM15.80 comes with fridge magnet

Pizza bombs which made an appearance on the international food scene is an explosion of flavour and cheesiness in a ball of chewy dough with a crispy crust.  In addition, with every order of a PizzArt pizza, you’ll be able to take home a Collectible PizzArt Fridge Magnet! There’s 6 cute designs available, let’s start collecting it!

The artisanal pizzas will be available at Movida and U Pizzeria in Klang Valley, Movida and U Pizzeria in Perak, US Pizza and Lunarichin Penang, Movida in Melaka and Johor, Ejohng Concept in Johor, The Chubs Grill and Mad Ben Café in Sabah and Coup De Grill and Bistecca& Bistro in Sarawak from May to mid-November 2017.


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