Clozette Tea Party 2017

July was a busy month for me. Rushing a lot of pending works with dateline to it. I'm sharing here the Clozette event happened last June which held at Happ Cafe, Damansara.

It was a fun-filled event with free manicure service and Senka product demonstration. 

As Raya was around the corner, I applied the matte light green on my nails. It was my first time to have such colour.

Love Senka prop and backdrop at Happ Cafe

It was interesting to get know OriVit+ from Singapore which gets your DNA from saliva and make a nutritional supplement customized to your body needs.

My cotton candy :D

Thanks Clozette and I'm waiting for next :D


  1. Wow! Lovely and feminine tea party.

  2. You look great, Emily! You mentioned previously you've yet to visit Royal Belum in Perak .....
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