60 Thai Dishes From RM39.9 for Ramadhan Buffet @ Streat Thai

This is my fifth Ramadhan buffet review. I always ask myself what is the specialty in every place I visit? Firstly, I would say this place is easily find as it is just strategically located at Jaya One, P.J less than 1 km away from Universiti Malaya. Secondly, Ramadhan buffet in Streat Thai as the name suggested serving sumptuous Thai food to all. Thirdly, this is the cheapest among all I reviewed as the rate starting from RM39.90+ per person.

Ramadhan buffet at Streat Thai will start from May 27 until June 24 2017. There are over 60 items available and definitely you can find what you like to eat over here!

The restaurant is situated at the entrance to the parking. For the multilevel car parking, one have to drive spirally up for about 4 levels before reaching a car park. I recommend diner to park at basement if possible. The parking rate is RM2 per entry after 6pm on weekday and public holiday as well as on every weekend.

Streat Thai does not look like a restaurant. It looks like a food court with stalls standing at the side with the high ceiling fans.

This is the highly recommended one! Gone within 15 minutes! 

Pad Pet Cat Fish

Fish cake

Pandan chicken

Chicken & Squid ball skewer

Sausage skiwer

Tom Yum Rice
We always heard of Tom Yum and most of the time we have Tom Yum instant noodles. Now we have Tom Yum Fried Rice! 

Kiwi juice and Roselle drink

In case you feel thirsty or can't stand with the spiciness, they serve soups and drinks too!

Pad Krapao mushroom egg  tofu

Tom Kha Kai
I think this is the so called white curry! We have normal curry in red, green curry and white curry dishes in Streat Thai.

Tom Yum Chicken 

Nam Phrik  Shrimp Paste 

Beef with herbs

Some of the food were labeled with Thai name which I also not sure what those dishes. Nevertheless, the chef and staff mostly are Thai. If you want to have authentic Thai food during Ramadhan month, this is the place!

Streat Thai – Authentic Thai Streat Eats
100 G, 001, The School (Jaya One)
No 72A, Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya,
46200, Selangor
Tel: 03 7496 1297/012 907 3581


  1. It looks delicious ! Very nice restaurant. Kisses :)

  2. The Thai white curry looks mouthwatering, Emily! I want to learn to cook this one. ^.^
    I love the prices for this buffet - it's affordable.

  3. A Thai cuisine buffet sounds good to me. And reasonably priced too.

  4. Wow, that's an awesome spread! xoxo

  5. :D visit Malaysia one day, sure you will have lots surprises


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