MinNature: The Largest Miniature Exhibition in Malaysia

MinNature is one of a kind miniature indoor exhibition in Malaysia. Spanning across 17,000 square feet at the top floor of The Summit USJ, this place is the largest miniature indoor exhibition park in Malaysia in record. The exhibition opened since end of last year. MinNature started with the idea of a couple of creating a miniature wonderland for everyone coming to experience the magical world of miniaturism.

The idea came up in 2008 but only could be realized several years after. It took 2 years for the team to work out a master plan that ensures the exhibit is fun and educational. 

In 2013, they spent 113,400 hours for 3D modeling and printing. One can imagine how much time and works needed to do such a big project!

Early 2016, they landed in Summit USJ. They construct and fabricate the exhibits with the helps from Masterbuilders, Grand Architect and a few enthusiasts. For present and future, they will continuously create new dioramas and models for more new stories to tell. 

There are smokes coming out from the replica. 

The only interactive part of the models is the solar functioned light. If you place your hand on top of the black plate there, the light will be shut down. 

MinNature also features Malaysia's iconic buildings  and architectures to showcase the rich and diversified cultures in our country.

Miniatures in modern days are used mainly for communication and advertising purposes. Military uses it to plan battles and war. Property marketers use it to sell house. Engineers use it to explain processes. Film makers use it to tell a story. 

The 3D printers in the showroom are used to print the 3D miniature models. The white plastic rope is melted in the printer under high temperature to become a "liquid ink" in normal printer but this eventually becomes a solid material like a lego plate in the end.

That's the outcome from the 3D printer just now!

There are also miniature workshop for visitors who interested to create his/her own masterpiece of the mini models. For those who keen of paying a visit to this place, the information below might be helpful:

The entrance fee:
RM28 per adult
RM15 per child / senior
Child below 4 is free entry.
Open Daily Mon - Sun
10am til 10pm

Lot 4.03A & 4.05, Level 4,
The Summit USJ
Subang Jaya 47600


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  3. What an interesting place to visit, Emily ...and informational!
    So that's how they make housing models. Have always wondered about it when I visit show galleries while property hunting.

    1. welcome
      yes miniatures always used in property gallery

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    It is my dream to come there. Now I definitely know that I will!!

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