Light Sensation Exhibition @Maeps Serdang

I got 2 free Light Sensation tickets from my recent winning in a photo hunt contest. Together with my uni mates, we drove to MAEPS which is just within 5 minutes from my faculty. If you not sure where is MAEPS, find for MARDI, it is just next to it.

The car park costs RM5 per entry. There are ample parking lot in this place. After parking our car, we took the mini shuttle bus to go into the event area. From the parking lot to the event area, it is about 15 minutes of walking distance.

There are pre-sales and cash sales lane. This is to ease the traffic.

The two separate lanes.

The crew who collected my ticket and printed the wristband for me. There is no long queue for the pre sales area.

Upon approaching the LED roses area, there are lots of statues and figures built with love theme.

One of the tips being here is to have some friends to tag along so that you could have somebody to help you to take some nice pictures.

The beautiful LED roses 

I thought of making this picture as my desktop screen.

Shi Hui, a doctor to be.....all the best to her viva soon :)

It could be a great spot to propose :) Both of them are my university mates and they are not couple :P

There is a lookout tower but sadly we could not spot the LED roses from the top.

Personally, I think the Light Sensation exhibition admission fee is expensive. It costs RM20 per person. Besides, we need to pay parking RM5 and escape zone RM10, Ferris wheel RM6 if we want to play. It is not included in the package. Meanwhile, the food sold by the food truck is exorbitant too. A plate of kuey teow costs RM10 while a cup of watermelon juice costs RM15. That just my 2 cents :)


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