Melaka Must See @ The Straits Chinese Jewellery Museum

So I have shared about Melaka must eat and Melaka affordable hotel, now I will share about Melaka must see - Straits Chinese Jewelry Museum Malacca! Well, this is another interesting place to discover more about Baba and Nyonya cultures and lifestyle in old days.


This museum is painted in green and I bet you can easily recognize even though it is not located at the corner. The big Chinese lantern in front of the house announces the Chinese family name. It was the former home of a prominent Peranakan Chinese family. It is now a museum that carries on the legacy of the unique and rich peranakan culture.


The ground floor displays Baba Nyonya antique furniture and furnishing.   The Straits Chinese furniture is essential for the functionality beauty and ambience of the home as well as an artful display of the status of the homeowner. The original antique furniture is precisely that. The quintessential Straits Chinese furniture is modeled after Qing Chinese style and European forms. This is apparent in the Malaccan table and chairs, and English dresser refashioned to suit the Peranakan finesse. In the main hall, grandiose glass mirrors on the expanse of white washed walls reflect the elegant epergnes on the mother of pearl tabletop, while Victorian bell jars grace the sideboard and exquisite silks swathe the walls.


I know the expression is quite funny. He is displaying how baba and nyonya smokes using that tool in old days at that chair.


That's baju kebaya which I mentioned before in previous post. Look at the floral embroidery at the outfit....that's what make baju kebaya special.


We had a tour guide from the museum that night. Nevertheless, when in a big group, I can't concentrate to what she said. 

Baba Nyonya Wedding finery has glittering jewels setting a magnificent crown for the bride. Her phoenix cape is arrayed with plentiful gold chains and radiant diamond brooches. Multiple bands of bracelets encircle her silken sleeves. On every finger sparkles olive-shaped diamond rings. 

The nyonya is a lovely and charming picture, resplendently dressed in these fine Peranakan jewellery.


Peranakan jewellery is influenced by Malay, Chinese and Indo-European designs. It may even incorporate all three in one single piece. These treasured pieces are handmade by highly skilled craftsmen from China, India and Ceylon. 


Individual pieces are skillfully crafted to highlight the beauty of the design, and enhancing the comeliness of the nyonya. It gives so much pleasure to the owner as serving to delight the audience. The jewel collection of the nyonya also reflects on her family's wealth and status.


Jewellery adds to the beauty of the nyonya. Jewellery worn and loved by Peranakan Chinese Nyonya women are usually fashioned using diamonds, intan, rubies, sapphires, pearls and jade. These are radiantly set in gold, silver or sausa. Kerongsang fasten the delicate gauze of the baju panjang and feminine kebaya.


The coiffed chignon of the nyonya is decorated with gold and diamond hairpins. Earrings range from brilliant clusters to swinging chandeliar earrings.

Ok I guess you already know what is this! It is placed next to the bed.

108, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock,
75200 Melaka,

Visiting hour: 10am -5pm (Mon-Thu), 10am -6pm (Fri- Sun)
Admission: RM15 (adult), RM10 (student), child below 6 years old (free)


  1. Hello from Spain: awesome pics. Great advices. Keep in touch

  2. Hello from Spain: awesome pics. Great advices. Keep in touch

  3. OMG, jewelry is so cool
    keep in touch

  4. Nice place to visit... I'm also want to know about Baba Nyonya ^-^

  5. You visit the most interesting places, Emily! I like the furniture and jewellery pieces. Looks like a lot of love went into making it.

  6. Nice! Love the Bibik tradition! xoxo

  7. Hello Emily, how are you ?
    This museum looks very interesting :)


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