Little Giraffe Book Club Cafe, Batu 11, KL

If I did not pass through Batu 11 Kampung Baru (New Village -Chinese Village) I would not know about this place. It looks like other residential house. But immediately you feel the difference when you step inside. The main structure of the house is made of woods, just like our ancestors' house in old days. I suggested to come over to have a visit when Jenny and her bf asking for a coffee time together.  They were both excited too to be there regardless of the place a bit warm during noon time where no air-conditioner was available.

I read some of the introduction of this place. It was moved to current address from previous. 

Besides the tall zebra structure in front of the house, you could spot the giraffe from the window. That's why it was given the name Little Giraffe Book Club. But I prefer to add "cafe" behind as they sell food and drinks there too.

Self-made swing, stool and bench were put outside for visitors to sit.

There were so many books that available for you to read freely. Through my observation, most of the books were in Chinese.

Coffee like in Vietnamese style

We ordered coffee, ice cream waffle and breakfast set from the cafe inside. The price was about RM10+ for this waffle which I already forgot.

The food choices from their menu were not much. However, I found out this breakfast set my friend ordered looked tempting :)

Just wanna show you guys the front entrance. For those who wanna pay a visit, parking might be an issue as it situated in residential area with a narrow lane. Avoid going during school time as might be a bit jam when the parents fetch the kids off from school. Park outside an opening parking area outside the school and walk a bit distance or you might anger the villagers if you park in front of their houses. Nevertheless, it still a nice place to hang out with friends.

Address: 114, Jalan 15, Batu 11 Cheras, 43200, Selangor

Opening hour: 
Wednesday - Thursday : 9am - 5pm
Friday - Sunday : 9am - 7pm


  1. Sounds like a lovely cafe.

  2. Nice place to hang out and enjoy food. Love the old Chinese look of the house.

  3. Aaah ..such a cosy place to read. I could stay here and chit-chat for hours ;)


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