Friday, November 10, 2017

My Top Picks from Lazada

11.11 is tomorrow! What did you guys already added to cart? Well, I browsed Taobao and Lazada, at both sites, I selected something for myself and others. If you don't really know, Alibaba or Taobao has shares on Lazada and thus you could see Taobao Collection tab under Lazada website. This means you could now shop selected Taobao goodies through Lazada.

This brings a lot of convenience to you if you don't know Chinese!

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The first item that caught my eyeballs was the headset storage box which priced at only RM2.99! Unbelievable right? This is so cheap!

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The second item I wanna buy for my niece is this cognitive toy. Unfortunately, it is sold out by the time I wanna add to cart =.=

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The third one is not in Taobao collection. Recently my friend bought a pen and got it engraved at the same shop to gift it as a graduation souvenir to a friend. I was thinking if she has this engraved electronic pen (RM16) on hand, she could possibly do it herself without giving labour charge to other. Another thing is she could buy other things besides pen and personalized the gift herself.

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Honestly, I'm looking for sports shoe or jogging shoe for myself. I found this is quite reasonable. The same Korean style flat sole couple running shoes (RM18.70) also selling at around RM18.97 at excluded the international shipping fee. Added up all, I think both might ended up almost the same price.

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For all with smartphone users, we can't leave home without charger or power bank! Pineng is one of the most well-known power bank brand in local. PINENG PN-969 20000mAh Lithium Polymer Power Bank (White)  (RM46.50) is sold by Lazada itself. With the capacity of 20000 mAh, the selling price is only at RM46.50!

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Last but not least, 8 - Cubes Stackable Wardrobe Organizers Rack with Free 1pc. Hanging Rod - Pink (RM69.9) is one of my top picks in Lazada. If you have the women's first world problem - too many clothes, accessories, makeup, skincare products in your room in messy mode, this could possibly help you to be more organized with many compartments. To assemble and dismantle, one no need any tools or screw to fix it. Moreover, it is very easy to clean. This is highly recommended to those students who stay in hostel with low budget.

That's my sharing on my top 6 picks from Lazada! Happy shopping everyone!


  1. Replies
    1. yup I selected after running through the website up and down, down and up LOL
      some already sold out sadly :(

  2. Havent check those websites. Hmm. 11.11. Good day today.

  3. Nice! The engraving pen is interesting. I would probably buy that.


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