Lost in China Town, Petaling Street, KL

Lost in China Town is a new tourist place in KL. It is strategically located at Petaling Street or very commonly known as China Town. The only China Town in Malaysia. I was not been here for almost a few years. I thought I would have difficulty in finding the place but I was wrong. Lost in China Town contrary to what the name brings to you, it is easily spotted from the "Petaling Street' archway. 

The shop front is decorated in very Chinese way with delighted red colour. One of the most interesting corners to take a photo would be the old time rickshaw. With cars, motors, bus, MRT, this type of rickshaw is not available anymore except in Malacca tourist place. Well, comparing Malacca trishaw with this, this rickshaw requires manpower to pull and move it.

(A trishaw (also known as a cycle-rickshaw or pedicab) is a bicycle with a sidecar, powered entirely by the cyclist)

Showcasing at the wall is China Town worldwide. As long as there is Chinese resides, there will be China Town. But for sure, each will be different from others due to the local culture.

To my surprise, there are traditional ladies wear display. I'm not too sure if trying is allowed to take picture as I did not request it.

The 100 Chinese surname

The taller than me, abacus

Chinese merchant used to have abacus to do a calculation. I learnt a bit during my primary school time for some formulas involved when using it but now I totally forget about it ;D

How could I miss a chance to take pictures with Bruce Lee, the well-known Chinese martial artist cum actor in old days?

This is an ideal height to be my bf, ok? If too high, I can't bully him already LOL

Besides all Chinese related stuff display, there are some corners showcasing Malaysia food and places.

At the second and third floor, there is Maze in the Dark for you to explore. You will be given a mission card to complete in dark. 

Wanna know Chinese culture in an hour time, this is the place!

22, Jalan Petaling, City Centre,
50000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +60 16-291 3357
Opening hours: 10.00am – 8.00pm (daily)

Facebook: Lost In China Town Kuala Lumpur
Website: www.lostinchinatownkl.com
Email: lostinchinatownkualalumpur@gmail.com


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