Terengganu Peranakan Festival 2015 @ Chinatown, Kuala Terenggganu

We always heard Peranakan from states of Melaka and Penang, but how many of you know that Terengganu is also another state that rich in Peranakan heritage but with its own uniqueness? In those two states, the men and women are referred to as Baba and Nyonya but in Terengganu, they are called Mek and Awang.

Last month, Kuala Terengganu’s Kampung Cina (Chinatown) hosted the Terengganu Peranakan Festival for second time from June 5 to 10 – 6 days packed with events and activities to showcase the state’s wonderful Peranakan heritage.


The festival is the brainchild of the Terengganu Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCCI) and is supported by the Terenggganu state government.The colourful week long event turned the street into a pedestrian alleys with activities highlighted such as:

Terengganu Peranakan street arts exhibition
Terengganu Peranakan photos exhibition
Terengganu Peranakan
Shop Deco contest
Terengganu Peranakan night market
Terengganu Peranakan traditional games and Play
Beca (trishaw)ride
Street performance
Terengganu Peranakan Interactive Art
Terengganu Peranakan Food Demo & Food Fest
Mek and Awang Kebaya 'Potong Coat' Fashion Show
Mek and Awang traditional cookware
Drawing contest : Terengganu Peranakan
Stage performances : cultural show
Shadow Play
Batik Sarong treasure hunt
Chinese Orchestra
Flying gasing demonstration
Terengganu Peranakan Heritage Trail
Terengganu Peranakan Festival Opening
Terengganu Peranakan Photography contest 



Like those in other states, Terengganu’s Peranakan culture is a blend of traditions from both Malay and Chinese lifestyles. Both of the models showcased the traditional wedding costumes of Peranakan.

The star attraction was the parade of the iconic Mek Kebaya (kebaya queens), who modeled the variety of costumes and distributed pamphlets.


One of the exciting show during the festival was Ching-Gay (huge flag pole) parade that seldom seen performed else where.


Terengganu lion dance troupe thrilled the audience by its swift movement leaping from one small circular platform on tall pole to another with jaw-dropping stunts and acrobatic skills.


24-season giant drum beating performed by students of SRJK (C) Chong Hwa Wakaf Tapai, Kuala Terengganu during the opening ceremony.

For those who has no idea about the show:
24-Season drums was created by Mr. Chen Wei Chong from Foon Yew High School in Johor Bahru. A Malaysian invention that has seen accolades and followers from all round the world, from Japan to China.The number twenty-four represents the agricultural seasons in the Chinese Farmer’s calendar. Each drum carries the name of a specific season painted in calligraphy – from The First of Spring (立春; Lìchūn) to The Great Chill (大寒; Dàhán). Naturally, this meant we tried to re-enact some of the prodigious energy by beating on some drums ourselves. Not the 24-season drums but the more manageable Drums of Wealth, Prosperity, Health and Peace. (Source from here)

At the stage, Miss Kebaya contestants also displayed items found in Peranakan household with cat walk while the emcee explaining its significance at the side.


That's another side of Terengganu I seen besides the beautiful beaches and islands that we already known. Come to visit this beautiful city one day and discover its rich heritages :D Stay tune, I have more to share about Terengganu, hopefully you guys will not get bored with my travelling post xo

My heartfelt thanks to Tourism Terengganu and Gaya Travel for the invitation of the trip.


  1. It looks like a really nice Festival :3 It's always nice to know other cultures ^_^

  2. sound like a nice and fun fest.


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    1. thank you. wish you have a wonderful weekend to you

  4. Wah, nice entry. Before this I don't know about Mek and Awang or the community of Peranakan in Terengganu...

  5. peranakan mean baba and nyonya at Malacca..that look beautiful..for Miss Kebaya

    1. yeah
      haha you should come next year for the beautiful Miss Kebaya xoxo

  6. Wonderful event ! Your photos are magical <3

  7. Beautiful traditional wear and activities. I love cultural events such as these. ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. oh that's great
      you should plan to visit here one day


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