Grand Opening @ Mydin Semenyih

Yup finally I'm back from Kuching, Sarawak, located on the island of Borneo. I have wonderful time exploring the city that I never been. I will update soon for my travel posts that still pending. But now I have to post up an event which I invited to attend end of March. 


Mydin is just like other hypermarket (Tesco, Giant and etc). But the market only sells halal food!So they don't have alcohol drinks and bacon on shelf. Nice place for muslims to shop for groceries!

Mydin 就与其他的霸市一样 (Tesco, Giant 和其他)。不过这里只售卖清真食物!所以他们没售卖酒精和猪肉。对穆斯林而言是个很不错去的购物场所!

During my school time (which is many years back LOL), I like to visit Mydin to buy stationary as the goods always cheaper than P book shop. The first outlet I visited is located at Pudu, behind a bus station. I studied in St John Institution for Form 6, and it is just a walking distance from the school to the market. I remembered I always buy in bulk as the price is cheap and I easily lost my eraser, pencil during school time. 

在读书时期(好多年前),我很爱逛到这里买文具因为物价都比P书店便宜很多。我第一个去的分店在半山芭,巴士车站的后面。我在St John Institution念中六的时候,从学校到这店走路便可以抵达。我还记得我很喜欢买一堆物品原因是价钱便宜而且我也很容易不见胶擦和笔。

This new Mydin wholesales hypermarket located at the first floor of Mydin Mall, with total area of 43,000 square feet. I think it is a good news for those staying around Semenyih and Kajang area as they don't need to travel far to KL for shopping in Mydin.

这新的Mydin批发霸市位于Mydin Mall的一楼,总面积是43,000 平方尺。我觉得对于Semenyih 和 加央的居民来说,这是个好消息因为他们不用大老远去到吉隆坡购物。 

Apart from the cheap prices they offered, the mall also serves spacious car park lot for free, baby care room, wheel chairs service, stroller, wi-fi and 24 hours Nasi Kandar Padang Kota Restaurant. 

除了便宜之外,这广场也设有宽阔的免费停车位,婴儿室,轮椅服务,婴儿推车,wi-di 以及24小时Nasi Kandar Padang Kota 餐厅。

At the event, I have a chance to meet the founder of Mydin, Tuan Mydin Mohamed and his wife Puan Rowshan. This is the 14th Mydin outlets opened till now. Congrats to him!

在活动会场,我也有机会见到Mydin 的创始人,Tuan Mydin Mohamed 以及他的妻子Puan rowshan。这是至今开张的第14间分行。恭喜他!

After the grand opening ceremony, I have some spare time to stroll around in the mall. 


I was shocked when I saw a pack of yellow noodles selling at RM0.10. The cost is making so low for a hawker to sell the noodles, I can consider to sell noodles already...LOL


Thanks to Mydin for giving me the RM50 gift voucher. Yup I have a good time shopping here.


Due to the cheap prices they offered, and everyone wants to get good bargains, the queue at the cashier is always long. Anyway, this is really a nice place to shop if you looking for good deals. Happy Monday ^^



  1. With the voucher, u can buy alot of yellow noodlessssssss, hahaha.....

  2. Wow..lucky you to have met the founder himself :)

  3. Interesting place to attend doll awesome pictures.

  4. Looks like a really nice super market :3
    Take care*

  5. Interesting place. I hope you had nice shopping.

  6. Hello from Spain: great shop. Keep in touch

  7. I love places like this one, it's always great to have a bargain ;)

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  8. love the pictures! the shop looks great!
    Kisses from Spain, have a nice day honey!!

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  9. nice place to do :) xx

  10. Nice post dear!
    I have added you on G+, liked your facebook fan page and following you on network blog.
    Now its your turn!

  11. Can you show us what you got from this store?


    1. unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the goods and receipt
      I should do next time
      thank you for your interest

  12. Nice post.

  13. ooh looks nice!

  14. My eyes are on gift post dear with lovely pix.....xoxoxo....^_^

  15. Hi Emily, thats a great event and great place, lucky you ..
    already follow you ^_^
    nice to know you ..

  16. great event!!!

  17. Oh my gosh ~ Malaysia looks so different but interesting. I agree, let's follow each other. Looking forward to your future entries. Have a nice day ^O^ // Usai (

  18. that fabulous place
    Un abbraccio,
    Eva e Valentina The AnarCHIC

  19. Great post! :)

    I follow your blog ;)

  20. This will be a direct competitor with Econsave.

  21. Gosh, that's such a bargain! Everything in SG is too expensive!

  22. Interesting place... sounds like a place I would like.


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