Monday, July 9, 2012

美容述评:Sally Hansen指甲油极度涂抹-调情色调

Review: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Flirt Color
Before any touch up on my nails
This is my first time using Sally Hansen product. I heard of this brand long time ago but did not have a chance to have a try.

This time I would like to show you the one that I had been trying which was Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in flirt color! Flirt color was like dark purple with little bit of dark red in it. This was my favourite color as it looked like stylish and 'high class' after applying it.

I had not been putting any color on my nails for a very long time. I guess almost 6 years+++! This is because I was still studying and not graduating yet during that time. In public university, we were not allowed to be very stylish if not sure we will be the target of guard to give us summon and lecturer to give us 'advices'!

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Flirt Color
My glittering nails

So I directly apply the nail polish to my nails without any advices given. The color was pretty nice. However, I did not apply nicely til the color overspill on my skin too around my nails. This was my fault. Applying nail polish on nails need much patience and care for it to looks nice and smooth on it!

The nails look glittering when reflecting the light around it. I planned to apply on my toe nails too :)

Available at Selected Watson's Personal Stores, Guardian, HongKong Sasa and Parkson.
11.8ml- RRP RM 19.90 

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