Monday, July 9, 2012

美容述评:Montagne Jeunesse水果冰沙面膜

Review: Montagne Jeunesse Fruit Smoothie Mask
I am also the one who prefer to use spread mask than paper mask. Why? This is because I think it was quite wasted to throw away the mask after used just 15 minutes and it was not environment-friendly.

The facial mask I had was for pore cleansing. It was quite suitable for me as I had acne problem probably due to pore clogging. This mask came at the right time!

The mask contains raspberry and mango. Thus, I can smelt the strong fruity flavor while it was applied on my face. It had a very thick or concentrated texture. Within 5 minutes, 3/4 of my face already dried. It was cracked and I felt tight when it dried. Around 15 min, I washed it off. I followed instructions which required us to use warm water to rinse and pat dry afterwards.

Well after the mask, I did not feel dehydrated instead I felt my face is softer and smooth to touch. My pores are smaller and clean off. It was highly recommended for acne skin like me to use once per week.

I really like the mask in thick texture as I think this means concentrated or rich in ingredients which it is worth of money and more efficient than those watery mask :)

MANGO-Smoothes, Softens, Unclogs Pores, High in Antioxidants.
PEACH -Helps improve health of skin & hydrates.
RASPBERRY -An antioxidant queen! Astringent.
POMEGRANATE -Contains 3 time antioxidant properties of red wine or tea. Rich source of Vitamins A & E.

RSP: RM5.90

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