Traditional Water Pitcher - Labu Sayong @ Kg Tanjung Bidara, Perak

Labu Sayong - traditional earthenware (pottery) made of clay used for holding liquids. If you want to find a place which specifically produce labu sayong, Kampung Tanjung Bidara, Kg Gajah is the one that you should not miss. According to the owner, the shop receive local and foreign tourists every day. Most of the foreign visitors are from Europe. They would come and have a look and some would record videos during the demonstration sessions.“They find it interesting to see how labu sayong is produced."

The shop is easily spotted since just facing the main road.

The traditional water container got its name from the district, Sayong. It was believed that the villagers were inspired by the shape of a gourd to store water. As it was made from clay, the water tasted better and could be kept cool. Its potable size made it popular with hunters and travellers.

Tha labu sayong that polished with paints.

Apart from labu sayong, the workshop also sells vases, lamps and other clay- and ceramic-based souvenirs.

The workshop is located behind the shop. From there, one can see how they make the labu — extracting and pounding the clay, sifting it into fine powder and mixing it with water, before the shaping process begins.

It make things easier with the mold.

That's very interesting to see how she created the leaves motif at the labu sayong with free hand.

This visit to labu sayong workshop was made few years back. Hopefully nothing change there for the information I given. I just browsed back the photos and found it was worth to give a share :)


  1. I love going to pottery shop. We have a few here and sometime we go to buy new pots.

    Looking at how workers make and decorate the labu is interesting.

    1. yup agree with you
      looking how they make and process the labu is exciting

  2. Labu sayong ni sangat cantik untuk hiasan di rumah. Labu sayong keluaran negeri Perak memang sangat cantik dan berkualiti.

    1. oh ye ke, nampaknya i dah pg tempat yg betul untuk mengenali tentang tradisi ini

  3. So many beautiful pottery pieces.


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