Talking Garden @ Genting Highlands

If I never join the Genting Fam trip, I will never know about this place - Talking Garden. I think you still able to spot it in the cable car. For many times I come up here, I never try to ride in the new cable car.

The talking garden is located behind the Theme Park hotel. From First World Hotel, you need to walk further down to come up here. When you seeing the place like below, you are near to the said garden.

The talking garden is opened till 8pm only if I'm not mistaken. Come early before it is closed.

The garden is not big. But you could play around and taking pictures there.

At the corner of the garden is Eddie's cafe (like a small hut) which serves ice cream, hot drinks and snacks. 

That's also  tissue culture and conservation centre for Nepenthes plant. Walking in, you will be amazed by the variety of Nepenthes and the size is as big as a 1.5L Pepsi bottle.

Nepenthes babies sponsored by the visitors from many countries.

You could compare the normal size of Nepenthes and the huge one beside me.

Inside of Nepenthes : Eddie said it's no difference compared with the toilet bowl. So why you wanna see what's inside. LOL... I was stunned a while when he told me this as I took a picture as above before he mentioning it.

The intact Nepenthes will have a leaf covering above it. Eddie said he is frustrated when found out the Nepenthes put at the Talking Garden was damaged by the visitors, mostly the leaf is gone. He put CCTV at the garden and he is watching the behaviour of the visitors from his cafe. LOL so don't simply pluck and touch it ~~ That's his babies.

On the other hand, that's the hand washing corner at a food court in Genting Highlands which decorated as a beauty parlour in old days. Just sharing what interest me during the previous trip.

Pay a visit to this beautiful Talking Garden when you coming to Genting Highlands :) I would say this is a nice place for couple to enjoy the mountain cold air, the scenery and having a small talk on the bench while hugging each other to keep warm :D For certain I will bring my future bf to come here once :)


  1. That so sad that visitors damage the plants.


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