Pantai Cunang, Tanjung Sepat Managed by Orang Asli

I was impressed by Pantai Cunang when my friend brought us to this beach. It was the time when my friend came here for data collection with the aboriginal community about their nutrition status for her master project. The local told her about this beach. Pantai Cunang is managed by the local aboriginal community and the beach is surprisingly clean and less crowded.

The beach is surrounded by the mangrove forest.

The villagers even build the hut along the beach using natural ingredients like wood and decorating them with the plastic waste.

Give applause to their creativity of reusing the plastic waste to create something like that :)

Closer shot of their decoration. It is made of plastic bottle.

Hardly find any rubbish along the white sandy beach.

Fishes on the wooden board made of slipper.

We sat on the sand and watching the sunset while enjoying the sea breeze.

There is visiting time for the beach. Come before 8pm or else you have to come next day. Swiming might not be suitable at this place. But if you seeking a place to calm your mind and relax or seeing those creative art turned from plastic waste, this is the place for you!


  1. Very nice place for visit. Thanks for the info.

  2. Wow, your post title got me real curious! Thanks for sharing, dear! xoxo

  3. Love how they reuse thing to make art.


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