Must Visit Place in Desaru @ Desaru Fruit Farm

I never thought it is so fun at Desaru Fruit Farm perhaps I'm a city girl who never lives in kampung. Desaru Fruit Farm has so much to offer than only a fruit farm visitation. Occupying an area of 100 acres planted with more than 100 varieties of tropical fruits, the farm is awarded many times by tourism. The China show " 暑假去哪儿" also filming at this place. I never heard of Desaru Fruit Farm until someone suggested me to pay a visit. In my opinion, it is fun, educational, healthy and hearty trip to Desaru Fruit Farm. Why I say so? You gonna read till the end!

The entrance leads to the restaurant which also belongs to the farm. Besides the restaurant, there are a plantation, go-kart route, and mini zoo. I was surprised when they serving dishes that comprised of fruits that we never thought of (combination of fruit with meats). Anyway, they don't give out the recipe as it is their business secret (my friend asked for it).

We were very hungry by the time we reached the farm. It was around 2.30pm but we had not eat lunch. It was an hour late due to a heavy traffic jam at South Expressway. Guests who buy the fruit fiesta package get to enjoy the fruits above. The durian season was over thus no durian in October during our visit :(

Fruit fiesta @ Desaru Fruit Farm
Pulasan and Jambu Air

Fruit fiesta @ Desaru Fruit Farm
Cempedak and Cempedak Nangka

Fruit fiesta @ Desaru Fruit Farm
Dragon Fruit

Fruit fiesta @ Desaru Fruit Farm
Passion fruit and Jambu batu

Fruit fiesta @ Desaru Fruit Farm

Fruit fiesta @ Desaru Fruit Farm
Fruit fiesta @ Desaru Fruit Farm
Honeydew and watermelon

The fruits look very tempting. They are juicy and sweet except the pickles (sour). They are freshly picked from the farm. What's more important that the fruits are good source of Vitamin B and C as well as natural antioxidant. Those who wish to have beautiful youthful skin and healthy body, you definitely wouldn't want to miss it.

Rambutan, pulasan and mangosteen (June, July, August) are seasonal fruits. Non seasonal fruits found throughout the year are Kendondong, jambu, guava, passion fuit, jackfruit, abiu fruits, pineapple, mango, breadfruit, thousand fingers banana, soursop, brazillian logan and limau kasturi.

Besides the fruit fiesta and fruit-themed meal set, they are serving menu on ala-carte dishes at affordable price.

Emperor chicken @ fruit-themed meal set
Emperor chicken is cooked with goji inside. It is the most favourite dish among the blogger friends.

Asam Pedas Stingray with passion fruit juice @ fruit-themed meal set

Banana cooked with local spices with coconut milk @ fruit-themed meal set

Fried Cempedak fritter from the wok fruit-themed meal set
Well, my favourite for sure is the fried cempedak fritter. It is crunchy and nice when eating hot.

Organic vegetable of the day @ fruit-themed meal set

Stir fried four angle beans @ fruit-themed meal set

Sweet sour prawn with assorted fruits @ fruit-themed meal set

Fresh papaya chicken soup with Tongkat Ali @ fruit-themed meal set
The chicken soup cooked with Tongkat Ali is special as I never see any where else. Of course this is liked by the guys on table.

Shredded papaya with seafood @ fruit-themed meal set

The soury shredded papaya with seafood is appetizing!

Deep fried squid with red dragon fruit sauce @ fruit-themed meal set
The red dragon fruit sauce is awesome! I just wonder if they selling any dragon fruit jam as well? Certainly I will buy one if they have!

Apart from the dishes mentioned above, fruit-themed meal set includes cat whiskle tea and fresh juice of the day which is Roselle juice during our visit. The food served is halal. The chefs are made up of various races according to the owner. I saw Malay dine at this place too!

Pulasan is almost same with rambutam. But if you seen both before, definitely you can differentiate both. Rambutan is hairy while pulasan has thick spines like above. It is more fleshy and sweeter compared with rambutan.

Next, we rode in the truck that sent us into the farm. It stopped at the guava tree. Steve, the owner asked us to come down and started to explain on the plants.

Thousand Finger Banana is inedible banana. The Thousand Finger Banana is most liked by superstitious Chinese. According to Steve, the China tourists like to touch from the top until the bottom of Thousand Finger Banana as it will bring luck and wealth to them. Some people also grow it as ornamental plant at the house garden in Malaysia.

Next, we were led to the Passion Fruit Trail. The pillars and the net were supporting the passion trees (That's why it named Passion Fruit Trail). It is a great way of growing the passion fruit trees as the plant shaded us from the hot sun.

We saw cocoa tree along the trail but none of the cocoa fruit was mature.

Next, we headed to spices garden. One get to see how basil leaves, pepper and mint trees look like.

There are koi pool. Visitors allowed to feed the koi fish with the food they prepared.

They also use the plastic water bottle as pot to grow vegetables. Good idea for those staying in condo and wish to grow something.

They also rearing stingless bees for their valuable propolis and honey :)

Photo of me sitting at the rock which made up the koi pool

I heard this is the mango fly that eats mango!

We stopped and spotted the jambu air on the tree. Immediately, Steve plucked them for us. Fresh and juicy!

Malaya Goose Berries

There are monkeys, ducks, rabbits, goats, tortoises and etc in the mini zoo. There are 2 rabbits they put on table for visitors to touch and take photos. To feed them with carrots, one need to pay RM2 for a bundle sold by the staff.

My friend said this rabbit has same eyes like me :)

I saw lots dalmatian dogs but first time for dalmatian kid. 

The last activity of the day was go-kart in dust. I played the go-kart on tar road in Sepang but driving on sandy muddy road is my first.

Someone was driving like fast and furious behind me. Although ended up dusty, I really enjoyed this go-kart experience!

Now, you will start to wonder how much these cost? I hope the information below answer you :)

Package Combo A RM 47.70 (Adult) ; RM 42.40 (Child)
Fruit Farm Tour
Fruit packet
go-kart ride

Package Combo B RM 72.10 (Adult) ; RM 63.60 (Child)
Fruit Farm Tour
Fruit fiesta
Lunch (7 dishes)
go-kart ride

Tour + Fruit Packet 
RM 26.50 (adult)
RM 21.20 (child)

Tour + Lunch +Fruit Fiesta
RM 58.30 (adult)
RM 50.90 (child)

*price inclusive of GST
*child > 3-11 years old
* rate valid until end of 2017

We went to the souvenir shop before we left. Apart from the fresh fruit, they are selling love letter made from durian and dragon fruit! We were given a chance to sample some. OMG! Heavenly taste!

I will definitely bring my children to come if I have (sadly I'm still single LOL) to draw them closer to the nature instead of the electrical gadget while educate them. Think of East Johor, think of Desaru Fruit Farm ;) Till here my scrumptious post, there are more in my next! Stay tune!

No 1, Hentian Penawar,
Sungai Cemaran,
Desaru, 81900 Bandar Penawar, Kota Tinggi, Johor.

Phone: 07-8223886


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