Tiring yet Fun-Filled Day @ Ilham Resort

Next morning we woke up at 7.30am for breakfast. Before we headed on for jungle trekking at Hutan Rekreasi Tanjung Tuan, we got a chance to view all the different rooms/apartment types available in Ilham Resort. (Not going to share here as it will be boring later)

明早我们7点半就要起来吃早餐了。在我们没出发去Hutan Rekreasi Tanjung Tuan丛林徒步游时,我们有机会去参观Ilham Resort 内的套房类型。(在这里不打算分享因为等下会很长篇)

Hutan Rekreasi Tanjung Tuan

When I snapped this picture, I did not notice some people were taking their selfie pictures in front of my camera. So end up like this...I was smiling when looking at this picture! (guys love to take selfie picture too! :P)


Visitors who go inside here will need to register and pay RM1 for the entrance fee.


I thought we gonna walked the tar road but no...we turned left heading into the jungle.


It is not a difficult and rugged track. Most of the time we were just walking. So it is so easy for me as I have been trained to climb up 9 floors of staircases.


As it was not raining for a few days, the ground was dry. I was lucky to say as the tread pattern of my shoes were worn out, I might fell down if the ground was wet and slippery.



This was again another unexpected shoot. I just want to shoot those people behind me and these four cute friends were coincidentally looking at my camera!


Along the way, there are many big trees. But no worry, there is no leech and mosquito.


After 30 minutes, we reached a pavilion. The instructor asked us to take a rest here for 5 minutes as some of the people short of breath and some members were not following us and left behind.


Taking selfie picture to see if I'm in mess.

We saw some wild mushrooms in the jungle. Slowing down the step, we will discover more interesting things around us!


I was told it is a well built by the Dutch during  1641–1825. Dutch ruled for almost 183 years and here it is one of the 'artwork' left by them.

据说这是荷兰在1641- 1825 建的井。 荷兰统治这里大约183年,这里是其中一个他们遗留下来的杰作。

It was a poisonous well in those days as Dutch intended to poison her enemy when they drank the water. Today it is not a well but just an empty hole filled with dead leaves.


This is the exit towards the beach. That's not the seaside in front of the resort but another one. I enjoy the morning trekking with little but enough sunlight.


This is how it looks like for a seaside that is uninhabited. 

I think this is a very nice place for a survival kind of game show where participants stayed in an uninhabited place (i.e. island) to find food and build the temporary shelter with the resources available there.

我想这地方非常适合类似‘存活’类型的游戏节目。参赛者居住在无人的地方 (例子:岛),靠这地方的资源去自找食物和建造临时的居所。

uninhabited seaside and island at the middle of sea in Tanjung Tuan

Not only that, this place is quite nice for shooting pre wedding photos! Look! Have you ever seen such bended coconut tree? It would be nice if the bride sits on it to take pictures with the groom! I heard someone walked to the uninhabited island in the middle of the sea during ebb but can't return to the shore when tide rose. Hmm..but I would like to explore it one day too...that day we did not go there due to time limitation.


Wait there was something interesting out there! Everyone was snapping pictures at the top of the big rock!


It took me some time to get on the big rock as the rock is not flat and bit slippery. According to the hotel staff, local believed that it is a foot print of Hang Tuah ( legendary Malay warrior who lived during the reign of Sultan Mansur Shah of the Sultanate of Malacca in the 15th century.) left at the big rock here. Although it is just a myth, but what would make a rock with big and deep hole like this?

我好不容易才上到那块大石头上面因为那石头不是平的而且有点滑。酒店员工说,本地人相信这是Hang Tuah (传说中在15世纪苏丹曼苏尔国王统治时期马六甲马来武士留下来的脚印。虽然这是传说,但是究竟是什么能使这石头有那么大和深的洞呢?

Next we moved on to the lighthouse. Actually there is a pathway besides the big rock leading to the lighthouse. But most of the members were exhausted and therefore they opted to walk the track we used to come here as it was much easier than that one.


We used back the same track and walked to the pavilion just now. Climbing up the stairs like this was tiring, I don't like this type of stair.


After 10 minutes walk, we came out from the jungle. The track is a tar road now.


I saw this when taking a rest. The signboard tells us that this is a great place for bird scouters as the birds might taking a rest here when they are migrating between East Asia and Australia. These raptor species include Black Baza (Aviceda leuphotes), Japanese Sparrowhawk (Accipiter gularis), Crested Honey-Buzzard (Pernis ptilorhynchus), Chinese Goshawk (Accipiter soloensis) and Grey Faced Buzzard (Butastur indicus). Tanjung Tuan is a favourite crossing point from Sumatra in February and March. (1800-2000 birds arrived in 1 day making it as one of the world's natural wonders)

在我休息片刻的时候,我看到这块板子。这板子告诉我们说这是观鸟爱好者的好去处因为鸟儿当迁飞东亚和澳洲的时候会停留这地方。这些鸟类包括Black Baza (Aviceda leuphotes), Japanese Sparrowhawk (Accipiter gularis), Crested Honey-Buzzard (Pernis ptilorhynchus), Chinese Goshawk (Accipiter soloensis) and Grey Faced Buzzard (Butastur indicus)。在2月和2月期间,Tanjung Tuan 是鸟儿从苏门答腊喜爱去的一个交叉点 (一天有1800-2000鸟儿抵达这里以致这成为世界自然奇景之一)

What written in signboard is shared here:

"Tanjung Tuan or Cape Rachado conserved many heritage and cultural mystery which is still not cleared. Tanjung Tuan was outlined on the world map early in the year 163 by Ptolemy who said it is situated at Ujuntuna ( Peninsular Malaysia) and combine with Tanjung Bervala (Tanjung Berhala, Sumatera).

In the 15th century, Portuguese commander has established a light house on top of Tanjung Tuan to guide ship and watch over the northern entrance of Malacca Port.

Many maritime treasure remains in Tanjung Tuan coastal area because there was a lot of stranded sinking ships due to natural disasters and war. One of the importance was a Dutch ship named "Nassau" that sank in 1606, in the massive war with Portuguese armada "

"Tanjung Tuan 或 Cape Rachado 保留着许多不解的文物和文化奥秘。早在163年, Ptolemy 已在世界地图上概述了Tanjung Tuan,说它位于Ujuntuna (马来西亚半岛)以及与Tanjung Bervala (Tanjung Berhala,苏门答腊) 结合。

在15世纪,葡萄牙指挥官在Tanjung Tuan的顶端设立灯塔,用来指引船舶和监视马六甲港的北面入口。

有许多的海洋宝藏遗留在Tanjung Tuan 的岸边因为那时候有船只因为战争和天灾而搁浅沉没。其中一个就是在1606年与葡萄牙舰队打仗时沉没的荷兰船只,名为 "Nassau".'

We need to climb up the staircases to reach the light house.

This is the Tanjung Tuan light house. Or also known as Cape Rachado light house. The height of the lighthouse is 24 metres. It is commissioned in 1863, 151 years from now. It is indeed a historical building that well taken care of. 

这是Tanjung Tuan 灯塔。也被称为 Cape Rachado 灯塔。这灯塔的高度是24米。1863年启用至今已经有151年历史。这可是完好保护的历史建筑物呢!

While being here, there was 2 foreigner behind me came here to scout birds.


There was haze. The visible range was not much and we couldn't differentiate the sky and the sea from here.


The jungle tour ended at light house. We came down to the campsite for tea break.


Even though we already had our breakfast, but we felt hungry after the activity.


The instructor said if we could bend our knees then it would not be a trouble to play with the rope course. By now everyone was worn out by the previous activity.


Someone was going up the rope and we watched it.

Another demo by the instructor. This one is more tougher as the safety belt is tied at the rope we tread on. Due to time limitation, we did not play this.


A selfie picture. Just give a try to climb 

same position but different angle...Mr Paun said from this angle, it looked like I climbed quite high from the ground xo This is just for posting, I did not get to the top there :P

同样的姿势不同的角度...庞先生说从这角度,我看起来好像攀爬得很高 xo 这只是摆来拍照,我其实没到顶 :P

I missed the group photo shooting when someone told me to wait at the pool as the cooking demo would held over here after the rope course. Nevertheless, it was quite fun having my leg soaked in the water when no one around and seem like the pool belonged to me.


Next was the live cooking demo by the hotel chef.

This was a kind of Malay traditional dish with quail. It was spicy.

Through the one night stay,  PNB Ilham Resort offered me some valuable experiences and made my visit memorable. Apart from what I shared, there is some places of interest nearby that worth to pay a visit. These include Army museum (10 mins drive), Museum Kota Lukut (25 mins drive), Pengkalan Kempas Historical Complex (25 mins drive) and Saturday night market (10 mins drive).

在这里的一天,PNB Ilham Resort 带给我许多宝贵的经验以及让我有个难忘的游记。除了我所分享的,这里附近还有一些值得去参观的。这包括 Army 博物馆 (10分钟车程),Kota Lukut 博物馆 (25分钟车程),Pengkalan Kempas历史广场 (25分钟车程) 以及星期六夜市 (10分钟车程)。

For more information, please visit: www.ilhamresort.com


  1. Hello from Spain: I really enjoy your trip. Nice pictures. . Keep in touch

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    1. thank you
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  6. Seems like a lots of fun. Awesome pics :)

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    1. haha that's my purpose of putting so much efforts in writing
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  10. Did I mention to you that I'm Portuguese :P
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    The park is really pretty and your selfie is so lovely! I wish my skin would look like that

    Take care*

    1. oh really? in Malacca, there is a Portuguese village
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  11. Great pictures ! This place looks great ! :)

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    1. haha i'm scared of height too
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    1. haha yup guys are taking selfies too
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