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Foodpanda Celebrates Ramadhan With Bloggers In BOOF
This time, Foodpanda, the online food-ordering delivery website treated bloggers with food from BOOF in Jalan Sultan Ismail, in conjunction with Ramadhan.

BOOF in Bukit Bintang

BOOF is a fast food restaurant that started out in Iran in 1995. Today, it has become one of the leading fast food restaurants with over 50 branches across Iran and is now spreading its wings to other countries including Malaysia.

BOOF's menu
BOOF boasts an extensive menu covering all the fast food groups – juicy burgers, melt-in-your-mouth pizzas and crispy fried chicken which you can enjoy in your home or office when you order from!

BOOF special pizza RM20.95 (include drink and french fries)
Chicken ham pizza RM16.95 (include drink and french fries)
Some of the specialties available from BOOF include Spicy Beef Burger, Super Sandwich, Marinated Fried Chicken and BOOF Special Pizza. The crew made us two pizzas for display and perhaps these are the hot selling pizzas in their shop!

Ramadhan Special Set Meal RM10
This Ramadan, BOOF is offering diners the option of breaking fast with their Ramadan Special Set meal which comprises of your choice of mains served with a malt beverage and a serving of fries at just RM10.

 Even though this time we would also eating 'bread' but we eventually given a rare chance of sneaking into the kitchen as well as experience what goes on in BOOF’s kitchen with a mini burger and pizza-making workshop cum demonstration.

I was doing my own piece of pizza under professional guidance from the BOOF's supervisor. Overall, all of us were very excited and happy with this session!

My own made of BOOF pizza was full of many ingredients before being sent to the oven.
After pizza, we also had a chance of making the burger!

Last but not least, all burgers being wrapped properly with  BOOF labeling sticker on it!

Fried chicken on the tray
                                                                             Looks yummy?

Each of us was given a pack of BOOF food including fried chicken, french fries, half of the burger and a quarter of pizza to have a taste of it!

My friend comments that the taste of fried chicken is not as heavy as in Malaysia. Overall, it is acceptable. You can have a try if you wanna know how does an Iranian fried chicken taste like! Others are almost same like those selling in McD and Pizza Hut.

Photo taking with the lovely Foodpanda mascot!
 At about 9, we took a leave with a full filled stomach and some goodies bag from foodpanda..

Thanks again to foodpanda and BOOF restaurant for the food and warm treat!

If you also wanna have a taste of BOOF fast food, but quite occupied  with your own works or hate the traffic around KL area, you can order directly from as they will deliver the food to your doorstep hassle-free!

About foodpanda Malaysia is a start-up company headquartered in Singapore with operations in Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. We believe that ordering food online should be fast, hassle-free and fun! was conceptualized to accommodate the needs of Malaysians who spend most of their day online, and at the same time provide a platform for restaurant owners who want to leverage on the increasing influence of social media and online platforms without spending a bomb.

Check us out at:
Twitter: @foodpanda_my

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