Thursday, April 19, 2012


I'm one of the 30 bloggers selected by Plusizekitten to review the Freshlook Colorblends from I am very excited to try the new baby from MrLens for this contest. What contest is this? It is 'PRETTY SEXY BEAUTIFUL EYES BLOGGING CONTEST'!The prize of wining this contest is very attractive for me! Want to know what is that? Stay tune for my blog update ya!

Plusizekitten 选中的其中一位部落客去评论 Freshlook Colorblends。 觉得幸运至于,也觉得很兴奋,因为我也是隐形眼镜使用者,对于可以尝试去戴不同牌子的产品而又不需要花钱,对我来说是非笔墨所能形容,不过我用得好,自然会介绍给朋友啦,毕竟好东西应该分享出去的嘛!这是什么比赛来的呢?这是'PRETTY SEXY BEAUTIFUL EYES 部落格比赛'!哈哈,奖品很吸引我哦!至于奖品是什么?下次给你知道!

How Freshlook Colorblends look like??? Well, my new baby looks like this:

It is my honour and pleasure to be selected to review the product. I want to say
Big thank you to
for organizing and sponsoring the contest :)

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