Cheapest Tyre Store in Klang Valley

Do you know that you need to change a tyre when the tread wear indicator is flush with your tread? If you drive frequently to work, your tyre should be changed, that's within 3-5 years time depends on your usage. Well, if you think of changing all tyres at the same time, the bill could be costly. Thus, this post is targeted for those who would like to save the money for changing 4 tyres at the same time (as you don't save much if only change 1-2 tyres). 

Cheapest Tyre Store in Klang Valley

The cheapest place to change a tyre is in Klang. One of the recommended tyre shops is Klang Hin Leong Tyre Services with 729 of Google reviews and 4 stars rating.

Since the shop opens at 9.30am in the morning, thus our first stop was Chong Kok Kopitiam to enjoy our breakfast. Chong Kok Kopitiam is renowned by local for its coffee. Make sure you stop by here if you visit Klang! A few stones thrown away is Klang town post office. Here marks the 0km and the start of the Federal Highway.

Chong Kok Kopitiam

We were quite lucky as we no need to line up for the seat. But if you come late, the queue could be long. You have to ask if they are queuing for nasi lemak or seat as we noticed many come for the nasi lemak stall too.
Chong Kok Kopitiam
Honestly, nothing much special with their food except the coffee. While for the nasi lemak, the shop is selling on behalf of other (not from the same nasi lemak stall in front), which is not made by themselves. It was almost 9 am plus after finishing our breakfast.

Cheapest Tyre Store in Klang Valley
Klang Hin Leong Tyre Services is a row of 7 shop lots combined together that was just doing tyre services. It was not the opening time yet but the staff were seen busy giving quotation to the car owners who came to ask for the price.
Cheapest Tyre Store in Klang Valley
Without any negotiation, my friend opted for the Toyo tyre for his 9 years old car. While waiting for our car, we were ushered into an air-conditioned room that displayed all types of rim. About half an hour, our car was done together with alignment and balancing. 

Cheapest Tyre Store in Klang Valley

4 pieces of Toyo tyres cost only RM620 (RM 155 each tyre) with 4 new valves cost RM20. On the other hand, the alignment charge was RM16. Imagine if you have to pay RM180-200 in KL area for a tyre. Changing 4 tyres here could save you RM100 (or more) that you could spend for breakfast in Chong Kok Kopitiam or Bakuteh. Since was still early after fixing our tyres, we headed over for Klang Heritage Walk before our Bakuteh lunch.

Sultan Abdul Aziz Gallery

We went to Sultan Abdul Aziz Royal Gallery for a visitation. When the clock almost hit 12pm, we drove to a Bakuteh shop that sells Lala Bakuteh since I don't eat pork.

Lala Bakuteh Klang

My Lala Bakuteh as I'm a pescatarian.

Bakuteh Klang

This Bakuteh shop is just a random shop that we searched in Google Map when we were looking for one that near us while providing seafood bakuteh.

Klang Food Centre sell pao

Our last stop before going back home was buying the local delicacy- pao (bun). The pao shop is located just next to the Federal Highway. Thus, it was convenient for us as the shop was on the route of going back home.

Klang Food Centre

Klang Food Centre

Klang Food Centre was highly recommended in Google Review. They have 14 types of pao like curry chicken, Mui Choi, Tai Pao, Sang Yok, Vegetable, Char Siew, Yam & Pork, Otak-otak, Lotus Seed Paste, Mantou, Peanut, Read Bean Paste, Kaya and Custard Corn. Meanwhile, they also selling Lor Mai Gai, Pork Dumpling, Char Siew Puff, Vege kuih and Yam cake. Achar pickle and fried sesame ball are only available on weekend.

Klang Food Centre

I don't think I would recognize the pao after unpacking to eat it at home. Thus, I shot the pao picture as to keep a record. The pao comes in varies shapes and marked with colourful stain to differentiate among themselves.

Klang Food Centre

The shopper calculated very fast and our bill was RM54.20. The price was not cheap.

Break down the cost:
Char Siew RM2.30
Vege RM2
Mui Choi RM2.30
Yam & Pork RM2.80
Peanut RM1.90
Sang Yok RM2.30
Otak-otak pao RM2.80

Klang Food Centre

The pao was soft and fluffy after steamed. I like the otak-otak pao as shown above. So, would you go to Klang to change tyres if you stay in KL/ PJ area? Let me know your thought at the comment section below :)

p/s: This is a throwback post. The event was taken place in Nov 2019.


  1. Wow, Toyo Tyre RM155 je. Murahnya. Nice sharing Emily

  2. tayar kalau botak atau dah rosak..wajib tukar..

    ia melibatkan keselamatan kita dan orang lain semasa memandu..

    mencegah kemalangan lebih baik dari menghadapinya

  3. All of the food look amazing

  4. Actually, you can tell that this is the real center of the tires by looking at the pictures.

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