Monday, September 26, 2016

Save Money At Sephora

Sephora Malaysia is one of my favourite stores to buy makeup products. I do go to Sephora regularly to check on their items and latest promotions. Today I am going to share with you best ways to save money at Sephora. Other than shopping for the markdowns and sales, you are welcomed to share with us if you have any good tips in the comments below.

1. Become an insider – they actually have a loyalty program which is free to join and you will get a free gift on your birthday, extra freebies on online purchases and you can collect points for the amount you spend – both in store and online. The collected points can be exchanged for special products and if you make it VIB Status you will get more free stuff. Cool, right?

2. Shop online to get free samples! On top of adding those to your cart before checking out, you can use coupon codes too. Free shipping is available with qualifying orders.

3. Pick up samples at the store and you are limited to three free samples from each department. However try to be ethical when you go sampling and please remember – taking without even making a purchase is considered rude. Yes.

4. There’s a polite way to ask for samples like ‘I’d like to try new stuff, can you help on this?’ trust me; they will be more than happy to have a good-mannered customer like you.

5. If the item you purchase doesn’t get along with your taste, take it back. They take returns in exchange for store credit.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Light Sensation Exhibition @Maeps Serdang

I got 2 free Light Sensation tickets from my recent winning in a photo hunt contest. Together with my uni mates, we drove to MAEPS which is just within 5 minutes from my faculty. If you not sure where is MAEPS, find for MARDI, it is just next to it.

The car park costs RM5 per entry. There are ample parking lot in this place. After parking our car, we took the mini shuttle bus to go into the event area. From the parking lot to the event area, it is about 15 minutes of walking distance.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Jessie Chung Launch First English EP

Dr Jessie Chung, a Sarawak-born international singer, actress, and entrepreneur, launched her first English EP ‘There You Are’ recently. She has already taken on the Chinese market with great success. Spreading her wings further, this EP will be Dr Jessie’s launch pad for entry into the English market. Dr Jessie Chung’s EP will feature three songs “There You Are”, “Drive My Heart” and “Some Place Honest”.

“I would like to dedicate this EP to both my father and my husband,” said Dr Jessie Chung. “I want to tell everyone that it is important to cherish your loved ones while they are still alive and I hope that, through my music, I am able to touch the hearts of many and get this message across.”

Dr Jessie adds, “I am very fortunate to be always surrounded by good people that have my best interest – be it my loved ones, friends and colleagues. And it is because of them that I have the courage to spread my wings and fly. I am not afraid of change, and to try new things. So far, I am very grateful that the Chinese market has accepted my work. I think it is timely to move into the English market and to make my music truly international.”

Dr Jessie has released seven other albums, notably Home, Loving You, Message of Love from the Moon, Love in You, I Just Fall in Love Again, and Tearless Sky. Her single "Love in You" was selected as the theme song for the Korean TV series My Secret Garden in Taiwan. Jessie Chung’s last album rose to fourth place on the I Radio Top Hits Chart and 6th place on the Pop Radio Top Ten Music Chart in Taiwan, just within two weeks of her initial release.

‘There You Are’ is produced by Andy James Court, a renowned Australian veteran musician who is known for his rock ‘n’ roll style during the early years of his career. He has won over thirty international music awards and was the recipient of the 2015 Song of the Year Award. The music video was filmed and produced by Elijah Cavanagh, a film director from Brisbane, Australia.

“The filming of the music video for There You Are has been such a journey,” said Jessie. “We spent two days and nights, travelling on the road throughout Brisbane and Gold Coast to shoot the music video. It was very cold at around 10 degrees Celsius, but I was not allowed to wear a sweater to keep myself warm. The most unforgettable moment was the one at the beach. As I was walking on the top of the cliff next to the ocean, I nearly fell down, but luckily, being trained with Wushu skills, I was able to maintain my balance

At the recording sessions, producer Andy praised Jessie for her beautiful voice and vocal techniques which were beyond his expectations. He was very surprised, during production, how easily she fulfilled all his requirements; her tone, pitch, and emotions were perfect. What surprised him even more was that Jessie, who isn’t a native English speaker, accentuated well when she sang, and he praised generously.

Dr Jessie’s artist manager in Australia, Jonathan Timm said, “As her artist manager, I am privileged to work with her and to introduce her into the Australian market. I’ve listened to three songs in the album, and I love them. What’s really different about these songs are that they are big songs; like “anthems” played at stadiums, moving all those that sing along with it. As for the music video, I found the aesthetics clean and polished, and, of course, Jessie looks amazing in it. I think her fans are going to love it.”

“My goal is to help her achieve the widest exposure and acceptance in the English-speaking markets, and this includes the Australian and the global markets through different forms of distribution, especially digital marketing. The change of image is part of the plan as well. In this English EP, we have created a new image for her, portraying a different side of Jessie who is energetic yet fun-loving,” Timm added. “We are all so excited to introduce this new image of her!”

Mr Darren Choy, Managing Director of Warner Music Malaysia and Singapore said, “Warner Music is one of the world's leading music publishers and we represent some of the most established artistes in Malaysia. We are very proud to have also been Dr Jessie Chung’s distribution partner since her last Chinese album, “Tearless Sky”, and now once again for her EP “There YouAre”

Choy continued, “I would like to highlight that the EP will be available on various digital platforms including iTunes, KK Box, Spotify, Deezer, Joox from 2 September 2016 onwards. We hope that you enjoy these songs as much as we did.”
“There You Are” can be purchased digitally on iTunes and KK Box, and the album will be available in all NHF outlets nationwide. Get a copy of the EP today or download from iTunes.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Master Siow and Lion Head Art

I never know about Master Siow's background until I browse about him in Google! He was the coach for the famous World Champion Kun Seng Keng lion dance troupe back to the year 1990. And here is a story of him and KSK:

"Kun Seng Keng was founded in the year 1989. In the same year, they won the Malaysian championship title. They then asked the judges for comments on their performance. One of the judges Master Siow commented: "Congratulations on becoming the champions, but I don't know what you guys are performing and what story you are trying to tell“. Leader Tan Choong Hing then decided to ask Master Siow to teach Kun Seng Keng. 

In 1992, the KSK team surprised all the audiences by becoming the champion for World Lion Dance Championship held in Hong Kong despite all the criticism and discrimination as all the team members are teenagers only. They insulted by others of buying the world title and bribing the judges. Rather than descend to the level of their critics, the team replied in the manner they knew best and that was to win one championship title after the other. Once the public and the lion dance fraternity started seeing the team’s phenomenal success, the criticism turned into a new found respect for the team." (source from here)

Monday, September 5, 2016

Watsons #PalingSyok Members Sale

Watsons VIP Members can now enjoy exciting reward with Watsons #PalingSyok Members Sale and Rewards to celebrate its 6th-anniversary. The Watsons #PalingSyok Members Sale and Rewards staring from 1 – 27 September (West Malaysia) and 8 September – 3 October (East Malaysia).

The campaign launch held at Live House Kuala Lumpur at TREC saw guests treated to first hand preview of the Watsons #PalingSyok advertisement and sales which will be shown on paid TV and also made available on Watsons Malaysia’s Facebook and YouTube channel respectively.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

BMS Organics Mooncake

BMS Organics held "warmth Beneath The Autumn Moon" mooncake launch at Cheras Lesiure Mall last few weeks ago. During the launch, BMS Organics introduced 6 flavours of organic sugar free mooncakes to celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival.

Mid-Autumn Festival is a harvest festival celebrated by Chinese that is closely tied to gathering, thanksgiving and praying. BMS Organics is introducing 6 choices of SUGAR FREE mooncakes that are freshly made from the finest ingredients which will give you a hint of intensity and a delightful texture besides a healthier option!

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