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Ephyra Treasure Hunt @ Putrajaya

Ephyra is a beauty drink brand I got to know recently after so many hypes about it in FB. Last week I had a chance to know the brand better when they organized a treasure hunt in Putrajaya. I was lucky enough being chosen to join in the fun with other bloggers as well.

Ephyra 是我在最近面子书很多朋友提起的美容饮料牌子。上星期参与他们在布城的寻宝活动,这让我有机会近距离去了解该品牌。我很幸运被选与其他部落客一起参与。

I met Khairul Anuar @Penaberkala when I was buying ticket at ERL BTS station heading to Putrajaya.  I was supposed to reach the Putrajaya station by 8.30am as a blogger promised to fetch me at that time to Puspanita, Precinct 10, Putrajaya but I was late. I thought I was the only one who late but no. It was kind of relief when I saw he was late too...LOL..And I did something silly at the Putrajaya station...hopefully he forgot about it soon (that's the problem when someone we know travel together with us)...

当我在ERL BTS 站买票去布城的时候巧遇
Khairul Anuar @Penaberkala。 我应该8.30早抵达布城车站因为有个部落客答应载我到布城的Puspanita, Precinct 10,但是我迟到了。我以为我是唯一迟到的人可是不是呢。哈哈当看到他的时候,心里比较定,因为他也一样迟到哦!不过我在布城车站做了一件傻事...希望他快点忘掉 (这就是跟认识的人一起出游会面对的问题)

Around 9am,  the organizer gave us some briefing about the treasure hunt while distributing breakfast set to everyone of us.



2 bottles of mineral water, 2 packets of soy milk, a pack of Ephyra powder and fried rice ^^ that's a lot...

2瓶矿泉水,2包豆奶,1包Ephyra粉和炒饭 ^^ 这是多么的丰富 ..

Before we took our breakfast, there is a task for us to complete- taking a instavideo. 


 After a while, founder of Ephyra came to give us simple introduction of the brand and the objective of the treasure hunt.


  7 cars
27 bloggers (1 absent)
for only 1 treasure hunt

27位博客 (1位缺席)

Ejam, Nannie, Puan Amiza (founder of Ephyra), cik lily putih and me

 4 of us being grouped together.
I knew cik lily putih (second right) as I always met her in event. Nannie (second left)  looked so much familiar as I just met her in Sunway Lagoon event a few days back. What a coincidence! We did not have chance to chat during event that day and now God gave us more time to know each other better. Next, Ejam, the driver, the team leader and only guy in our group, this was my first time met him.

我之前已经认识cik lily putih (右二)了因为时常在活动现场看到他。Nannie (左二)也很面善因为前几天才在Sunway Lagoon跟他碰面。真的好巧哦!我们那天都没有机会聊天,现在神竟然给我们更多时间了解彼此。接下来,Ejam,我们的司机兼组长,唯一的男生,是我初次与他见面。

4 of us having our group photo in front of Alza. Ejam purposely sent his car to car wash a day before the event. How considerate is he ^^

我们4人在Alza车前留下倩影。Ejam前一晚还特地驾他的车去给人清洗。他是多么的体贴 ^^


The second task was given before we departed. It was a hint, and we made a guess correctly, it asked us to go Botany Garden!


This is how Botany Garden looks like.  It has been many years I did not come here!


There was a task to complete...


Find the species name according to its number 


We had to look for the species's name at the signboard with the numbering that scattered at this garden. We finished it within 10 minutes, submit to the person in charge and got our next task.

我们必须根着这里散乱的牌子号码寻找该植物 。我们在10分钟内完成该任务,交给负责人和领取我们下个任务牌。


Our next task was very fun. We were asked to go through Bangi Toll heading to KLIA2. In the midway, we had to look for Ephyra billboard at the roadside and took a picture together with it.


Group photo with the billboard
It was really something crazy I ever done...stopping at the highway, holding a monopod with my hp and took a wefie photo ... 


That was my first time stepping my feet into the brand new KLIA 2 airport since it opened beginning of the month! 

自月头开张以来,这是我第一次踏入新的KLIA 2!

The new airport which used to replace LCCT is so much bigger than the previous one!



I met someone here! What a small world!


We were asked to meet person in charge at Starbucks. To complete every task, one needs to be 'thick-faced'. These tasks included asking us to find foreigners to take picture with us at KLIA 2 signboard, explaining them about Ephyra, doing cheers while instavideo-ing ...LOL  

抵达后,我们必须前往星巴克去会负责人。要去做完每一项任务,我们必须要很厚脸皮。这些任务包括要我们找不认识的外国人与我们在KLIA 2 的牌楼前合影,向他们讲解Ephyra 还有一边用instavideo 拍起来 ...哈哈哈


That was also my very first time using monopod to take pictures. Thanks to Cik Lily Putih's gadget!  

这是我第一次使用monopod 拍照。谢谢
Cik Lily Putih 的器材!


Nannie and Ejam were uploading the video ... 

Nannie 和 Ejam 在上载短片...


At 2.30pm, we gathered and took a group photo again ^^  Seriously this treasure hunt was not pressurized...that's not the end of the event...we headed to another place for lunch.

2.30下午,我们聚集然后拍张大合照 ^^ 说真的这寻宝多动没什么压力...这还不是活动的总结...我们去另一个地方用餐。


On the way to lunch, we were again given a sheet of paper with questions to fill in the answers. 



After lunch, we headed to our last destination, back to Putrajaya.



PICC at the top of the hill... 

PICC 在山顶...


There was Jom Heboh event and Karnival Belia in Putrajaya at the same time and day. Therefore, it was a big crowd over there and the cars can't get inside here. We parked our cars 2km away from the destination, making our walks all the way to the Ephyra booth. 

当天在布城有Jom Heboh和Karnival Belia活动。所以那里有好多的人潮,车子无法驶入。我们把车停泊在2公里外的地方,步行到Ephyra摊口。


 They were giving sampling of Ephyra drinks on that day. Honestly even though it is added with fish collagen, it doesn't smell fishy but giving such a sweet fruity aroma when drinking. 

当天他们也分派Ephyra 饮料。老实说这加了鱼的胶原蛋白没有很腥而且喝下去还有甜甜的水果香味。

 The ambassador of Ephyra product is Norman Hakim and Memey Suhaiza. In real life, both of them are couples.

Ephyra 产品的代言人是Norman Hakim 和 Memey Suhaiza。 在现实生活,他们也是夫妻。

We had some games over here. All marks counted as well. Surprisingly, our groups won third prize for the treasure hunt! OMG! I was thrilled as that was my second time winning it. I thought I was going to lose the day before the treasure hunt as I rarely won any competition.


 That's the end of the event :)
 I am very happy to know all of guys are amazing, friendly and helpful!

Next, I wish to thank Ephyra for organizing such a fun activity for bloggers and Denaihati team for supporting it all the while ^^ Hope to see you guys soon :)

这就是活动的尾声 :)

接下来,我要感谢Ephyra举办该活动给部落客和Denaihati 团队的协助 ^^ 希望以后可以看到你们 :) 

p/s: some pictures are provided by Denaihati team and bloggers.
p/s: 一些照片是由Denaihati 团队和部落客提供的。

Friday, May 23, 2014

'Jom Jelajah Koperasi' Day 4 @ Penang

Schedule of the Day 4(第四天路程):Koperasi Sek. Men. Keb. (P) St. George Pulau Pinang Berhad

My Penang trip update not finish yet. LOL lots of stuff inserted in...So here is some quick update of what happening last day. After breakfast at the hotel, we had some spare time to stroll around the town. So my first plan of course to visit all the famous street art here!


We had actually no idea how to go. We waited for the free bus in front of the hotel. (this was info given by hotel staff...around 15 mins plus is wasted for waiting) Then after we boarded on the bus, we came down immediately. (just within a minute...LOL as the driver said we better walk cause nearer when we asked where to stop...><") So after all, we walked down the bus and started asking around for more information. (I guess all the people in the bus would be talking about us like why these people so weird??...LOL) I took out the map given by the hotel and asking the local folks for direction. 


Okay,finally we managed to find some of the street art but not all. Here is my sharing..I like this picture taken by Yusree, event photographer. He said I walked so graciously so he decided to snap a picture of mine when walking down the street ^^ Thank you so much...I love this shoot!

好的,我们最终找到那些壁画但是不是全部。这是我的分享..我好喜欢这我朋友Yusree拍的照片。他说我走路好看所以他就拍一张我走路的照片 ^^谢谢他咯...我好喜欢这照片!

Lion Dance

Can I take a ride?

broken chair

messy hair

Jet Lee and wild cat xoxo
Jet Lee 和野猫 xoxo

"Nasi Kandar originated from Tamil Muslim hawking home cooked curry dishes and rice from containers slung on both ends of a kandar (a wooden stick) "

"The Tua Peng Kong Hneoh Granal Float Procession is held in the year of Tiger to wash away bad luck and bring great wealth and health."

Apart from the wall, the door is painted creatively as well.

There is many historical building at Penang street. One of it is Kapitan Keling Mosque built in 1916.

在槟城的街上很多历史建筑。其中一个是1916年建的Kapitan Keling清真寺。

Some history of it. We did not have a chance to visit all the street arts as they are scattered and hidden, need to spend more time to find out. Time flied, we rushed back to hotel for packing up and check out before 12pm ><"

一部分的历史故事。我们没有拜访完所有的街头画因为他们很散乱也有部分是隐藏的,所以必须更多的时间去寻找。时间飞逝,我们12点前就必须赶忙跑回酒店收拾行李check out.

Thus, our last stop is SMK (P) St George (it's a high school for girls only) before returning to KL. Hospitality Budget hotel known as Casa Georgian was introduced by the School Co-operative of St. George's Girls' School in 2010 to give chance to students to explore the hospitality field and enhanced entrepreneurship activities in the school. Casa Georgian not only received local visitor but also visitors from other countries.

所以我们在回吉隆坡的最后一站是SMK (P) St George (女中)。这里有个由学校合作社2010年创办的廉价酒店叫Casa Georgian。目的是让学生可以去探索旅游这行业和在学校加强创业活动。Casa Georgian不仅接受本地的游客还有其他国家等等。

Walking in this school reminiscing my old days (yeah...I studied in girl school for secondary education...that's more than 10 years from now...I'm old already...sobs...time flies) What's in my mind only study and co-curriculum...why my school time so boring one last time? hahaha...but bit different story when I transferred to boy school for Form 6 (pre-u course...where our current PM and Minister of Defense studied last time) lalala

在参观这学校的时候,好多以前的回忆涌入脑海中(哈哈...我以前也在女中求学..离现在都有10年时间..我已经老了...哭...光阴似箭)在我脑海里只是读书和课外活动...怎么我以前的学习生涯那么的无趣?哈哈...不过当我转入男校就读中六就有少许不同 (我们现任首相和国防部长的母校)

Ok, back to story, I guess you all not so interest with my past unless you want to..... :P Casa Georgian offers superior room with charges of RM15/ person (bed + breakfast + fan) and deluxe room with RM30/ person (bed + breakfast + coffee/tea making facilities + attached bathroom + fan). In addition, they offer suite room with charges of RM45/ person (bed + breakfast + mineral water/ coffee/ tea making facilities + attached bathroom + air conditioner/fan +towels). So if you are backpacker with limited budget, this place sure will be in your list.

好的,回到主题,我想你们也对我过去不大有兴趣除非你想要... :P Casa Georgian 有superior 房间,一人RM15 (床+早餐+风扇),deluxe 房间一人RM30 (床+早餐+咖啡/茶冲泡机+厕所+风扇)。不仅如此,他们还有套房RM45一人床+早餐+光泉水/咖啡/茶冲泡机+厕所+冷气/风扇+毛巾)。若你是有限资金的背包客,这地方肯定是你的选择。

Casa Georgian offers affordable tour package as well. So if you come in big group, you can just book a tour for only RM155 (yeah RM155/bus) to haunt food and night tour at Padang Kota Lama.

Casa Georgian也提供优惠的旅游配套。若你们是一群人来的话,可以考虑订购他们的旅游配套,只是RM155而已 (是一辆巴士RM155) 去寻找美食和在Padang Kota Lama夜游。

There is a break room with TV and radio for Casa Georgian's guests.


Attached bathroom

One of the bathroom

After dorm visit, we headed over to COOP mart which is operated by School of Co-operative of St. George's Girls' School.

参观完宿舍后,我们便到学校合作社开的COOP mart参观。

I was quite surprised. It is a mart....a mini market selling food in the school. Why my school time don't have such things??? 



home made biscuits

We then went to the hall for lunch and at the same time enjoying the song presentation by Georgian's Girls' orchestra.


Food prepared by the students and teachers

Group photo with the teachers and students ^^ (I'm feeling so old standing among the high school students...LOL)

与师生的合影 ^^ (我感觉站在中学生们中的自己好老哦..哈哈哈)

Address 地址:
SMK (P) St George
Jalan Macalister,
10450 Pulau Pinang.
GPS: Lat 5.4218220000, Long 100.3079350000
Contact 联络:+6042295855/ +6042296203

Okay, that's the end of my 4 days trip. Hope you all enjoy reading my story and leave me a comment, okay? Thank you.

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