Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Samsung Get To Know Blogger Exclusive Gathring @ The Pool

The event was named Samsung Get To Know Blogger Exclusive Gathering. 

I am Samsung phone user, my friend and family too are Samsung users. So you know how much we love Samsung! So, I was honored to be invited to attend the event by Samsung which was exclusive overall.

我是Samsung 手机用户,朋友家人都是。所以可想而知,我们多爱Samsung! 所以,我很荣幸受邀参与Samsung 举办的活动,而且还是‘独家’的哦,只有受邀的才可以出席。

The event was held at The Pool, Jalan Ampang. We were greeted with blue and white balloons at the entrance which represented Samsung logo. At the entrance, Yuki from Manoah Consulting and her fiancee already waiting for our arrivals. She handed me a Samsung wrist band which was a thumbdrive, Samsung portable mini speaker and a biscuit with Samsung logo on it

活动地点在The Pool, Jalan Ampang。大门口都有蓝白色的气球作摆设来欢迎来宾。在门口处,Yuki和他丈夫已在等候我们的来临。登记时,他给了我Samsung 手腕带(其实是个随身碟),Samsung 可携带迷你喇叭和印有Samsung 字眼的饼干。

With the pool at the mid of the place, now I know how is the name coming from.


Inside, the deck, oil lamps, ornaments were nicely decorated in blue and white colours. I was truly amazed by their efforts of making the place well-matched with the theme.


The evening started with a speech by Donovan from Manoah Consulting. Following by that was a short video presentation of Samsung technology.

活动的开始便是由来自Manoah Consulting 的Donovan 上台发表言论。接着便是Samsung 的短片呈现。

You may check the video here. We all laughed by the creativity of the storyline of the video ^^


We then adjourned for some chows and liquids.


Meanwhile, we were all encouraged to check out the Samsung's TecTiles application, which uses Samsung's NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Simply turn on the NFC app and tap against the circle to see the message. At the end of the night, there will be winners for those who were able to answer some questions on this app.

同一时间,我们也受促去看看使用Samsung's NFC (Near Field Communication) 科技操作的Samsung's TecTiles 软件。只需打开手机的NFC 软件和把它轻打在圆圈上就可以看到讯息。过后,他们将会宣布能够使用该软件作答的赢家。

The night continues on and everyone grouped together for more networking. 


Thanks for all the doorgifts and again thanks Manoah Consulting for giving me such opportunity.

感谢Manoah Consulting 给我此机会来参与这活动以及这些手礼赠送。

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dermalogica Reveals 10 Best Selling 'Naked' Stars @ Zebra Square

Again, I was invited for Dermalogica event few weeks after Multivitamin Power Serum launch in Grand Hyatt Hotel. 

就在Multivitamin Power Serum推介礼后的几个星期,再一次被邀请出席Dermalogica 的活动。

This time, the No. 1 professional skincare brand unveils a list of its top 10 global bestselling products today at Zebra Square that are much sort after by users around the world, including celebrities and makeup artists in Hollywood!

这次Dermalogica 在Zebra Square向媒体和来宾们揭开10个全球最畅销的产品包括好莱坞明星和化妆师的最爱。

The list of 10 star products had been carefully chosen based on global sales volume and popularity by category.


"The reason behind Dermalogica®’s popularity is simple – users get great results without having to resort to harsh or irritating ingredients. All Dermalogica® products do not contain sensitizers like lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances, and are safe without formaldehyde and comedogenic ingredients," said Roderick Chieng, Chief Executive Officer of EIG Bhd.

Dermalogica®’ 那么受欢迎的原因其实很简单-用户无需使用粗燥或者敏感性的原料来达到好的成果。Dermalogica® 的所有产品都不含致敏物如羊毛脂,SD 酒精矿物油,人工色素和香料以及安全因不含甲醛和粉刺成分,”Roderick Chieng EIG 公司总执行长这么说。

This year, ‘Get Naked’ kicked off with a friendly race led by seven beautifully bare-faced Dermalogica® celebrity friends in search of 12 of the greatest-looking and healthiest ‘Naked Faces’ in the country. 

Steve Yap, Joanne Yew and Thanuja Ananthan reprise their roles as ‘naked’ celebrity faces, while singer/songwriter Atilia Haron, 5th Akademi Fantasia winner Mila Jirin, TV host/radio DJ Jentzen Lim and Miss Astro International 2009 2nd runner-up Jane Tan join the ‘naked’ family this year. 

为了寻找全国12位最好看和最健康的“裸脸”,今年 "Get Naked" 以7位漂亮素颜脸孔的本地艺人欣开序幕

Steve Yap, Joanne Yew and Thanuja Ananthan 等艺人今年再次出演“裸脸”角色而歌手/歌曲创作人Atilia Haron, 5th Akademi Fantasia 优胜者Mila Jirin, 电视主持/电台DJ Jentzen Lim以及Miss Astro International 2009 排名第三的Jane Tan 也加入了这“裸脸”大家庭。

Launched in May 2012, the first ‘Get Naked’ campaign was a success. For the first time, a skincare brand dared to ask Malaysians to strip their faces bare in order to reveal great skin health. Removing all traces of makeup and impurities is the first step towards achieving clearer, healthier skin that glows from within. 

去年5月推介的第一届"Get Naked" 活动获得热烈回响。这是第一次,一个护肤品牌斗胆呼吁马来西亚人剥掉他们的脸以露出健康的皮肤。卸下妆容和杂质是第一步达致更清晰,更健康且焕发从内的皮肤。

The 12 winners, who will be announced late this year, will each walk away with RM5,000 worth of Dermalogica®products, be featured in Dermalogica®’s 2014 calendar, and have the opportunity to appear in Malaysia’s top beauty magazines.

即将在今年尾公布的12位优胜者将会获取价值RM5000的Dermalogica®产品和刊登在 Dermalogica®  2014日历内以及有机会在马来西亚美容杂志内亮相。

The Top 10 Bestselling ‘Naked Stars’ are: 
十大最畅销的‘Naked Stars’ 是:

Skin Smoothing Cream
RM186 (WM), RM190 (EM) for 50ml
RM266 (WM), RM271 (EM) for 100ml

Special Cleansing Gel
RM155 (WM), RM158 (EM) for 250ml
RM232 (WM), RM237 (EM) for 500ml

Daily Microfoliant®
75g RM228 (WM), RM232 (EM)

UltraCalming™ Cleanser
RM165 (WM), RM170 (EM) for 250ml
RM251 (WM), RM259 (EM) for 500ml

Skin Hydrating Booster
30ml RM252 (WM), RM257 (EM)

Skin Hydrating Masque
75ml RM188 (WM), RM194 (EM)

 Antioxidant Hydramist (150ml RM192 (WM), RM196 (EM))
Multi-Active Toner (250ml RM158 (WM), RM161 (EM))
SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 (22ml RM242 (WM), RM250 (EM))
 and the recently introduced MultiVitamin Power Serum (22ml RM338 (WM), RM348 (EM))

“I’m a no-frills kind of guy, so my skincare routine is simple. My favorite is the Special Cleansing Gel, which leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry or tight.  For added protection from free radicals, I like to use Antioxidant Hydramist, a refreshing toner which helps me cover my ‘age’!” – Steve Yap

“Guys are sensitive too!  My skin gets sensitized some times when I go in and out from radio studio recordings to outdoor TV shoots.  So my natural choice is Ultra Calming Cleanser which cleanses and soothes my skin at the same time.” – Jentzen Lim

After the event, media and guests were heading to counters behind for Face Mapping® -- a professional skin analysis that determines skin condition in 14 facial zones -- conducted by trained skin therapists.

活动结束后,来宾和媒体们都到后面的柜台进行Face Mapping®-专业皮肤测试:鉴定脸部14个区域的皮肤状况--由受训的美容师执行。

Food @ Zebra Square

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ramadhan Bazaar in Setapak Jaya

有个朋友很喜欢去ramadhan 市场寻找美食。他说ramadhan 的食物很多,有很多的选择,价钱也不会很贵,而且一年才摆那一个月而已,所以这段期间他也喜欢逛ramadhan 市场。而我似乎也受到他的影响,下午6点便赶来Setapak Jaya 这里的市场看看。

I have a friend who likes to go ramadhan bazaar to hunt for food. He says ramadhan food has a great variety and price is not expensive too. Meanwhile, there is only once in a year, therefore, he likes to come to ramadhan bazaar for food. That day, under his influence, we departed to Setapak Jaya ramadhan bazaar at 6pm.

这Setapak Jaya ramadhan 市场坐落在一个湖边和一个回教堂附近。我们把车停泊在市场的对面街道,然后步行到里面去看看。

Setapak Jaya ramadhan bazaar located beside a lake and a mosque. We park our car opposite the bazaar, walk towards the street where bazaar is located.

这市场不算很大,呈现 'I' 字型的ramadhan 市场食物方面也应有尽有。

The bazaar is not big, but the variety of food is many to choose from.

走着走着,突然间看到这个蓝白色三角形的东西,有点好奇,便上前去看个究竟。原来是Celcom 的车子!前几天看友人的部落格,得知Celcom 在25 日早上10-12点之间在雪隆某3个收费站免费派送30张flyer 以换取免费的Celcom Dongle, 在好奇心的驱使下,便跑上前看看,一边是看有什么好康头。

While walking and hunting for food, we saw something upfront with a blue and white big triangle thing that made us curious, so we decided to have a look. That was a celcom car! Few days ago, I saw my friend posted a blog regarding Celcom distributed flyers to public at 3 selected tolls for them to redeem Celcom Dongle at bluecube. Then, we went in front and have a look to see any good bargain available.


We saw a blue man appeared on the spot in front of the Celcom car. People who passed by threw a surprising expression and next they wanted to have a photo shoot with him.

据说这dongle 用法良多,超过3个方法来接通如插去电脑,powerbank, 家里3插头,车子的插头等哦!速度是21 Mbps 而且是可达10GB 那么多!

I heard Celcom dongle benefits its users by more than 3 ways. One can plugs in to laptop, powerbank, car charger and etc! The surfing speed is 21 Mbps and data volume get up to max 10GB!

这是dongle 的真面目,值RM159.

Raya  即将要来临,平时在回家的路上一定会塞车,这时候在车上有个Celcom PortaWifi 感觉如何?乘客们可以在车上上网游览,处理些邮件或者看戏也可以,以让本来漫长无聊的车程变得更轻松,更好玩!

Since raya is around the corner, and usually the roads will be jam. At this moment, if we have Celcom PortaWifi in the car, how would you feel? All passengers can surf the net, checking email or playing games, the boring journey of balik kampung becomes more fun and exciting!


We stayed until late night only then we back home. My hand feel itchy to try on the new service provided!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

12 Inch 黑炭汉堡 @ Cravings Kitchen & Bistro, Cheras

Cravings 就在我家不远处,正确地点是Tesco Extra Cheras, 也就是Makro 的旧址。有时在那逛街时,都会看到好多人在里面用餐,可有什么特别还真的不知道。

Cravings is located not far from my house, the exact location is inside Tesco Extra Cheras, which is the old address where Makro situated. I saw all the seats were almost taken when I passed by the restaurant everytime I shopped in Tesco Extra Cheras.

That day, I had my brunch here around 11am. As usual, there were many people dining inside too.

Cravings Monster Burger RM 29.90


Opening the menu, what attracted my eyes by that time was the 12-inch height charcoal burger! At the moment when we saw the waiter brought out the dish, we were all surprised and then we started to worry if the burger would collapsed. Need not to worry too much as there is a long steel stick supported the burger. The thick patties in the burger are home made by the restaurant, which consist of fish, chicken and beef. I like their french fries as it is crispy and yummy, acceptable saltiness. I would recommend to have this with 4 other friends so that one would not get too full.

Juicy Beef Burger RM 10.90

Enlarged Image of Juicy Beef Burger 


If you think that 12-inch burger is more than enough or you does not have friends to share with you, you still can order the juicy beef burger. The ingredients are same except the burger becomes shorter this time. Look carefully and you would find that the home made patty is very thick!

Chicken Rolled Turkey Ham and Asparagus RM 25.90
Chicken Rolled Turkey Ham and Asparagus RM 25.90

Recently I find that a lot of food copy Japanese sushi which they tend to roll the food with another food and being cut into sheet like sushi. The chicken skin had an acceptable texture without obvious sign of burn, lined with salty cheese, garnished with softy mash potato and asparagus, a totally fusion dish combined Chinese, Japanese and Western style.

Seafood Ebiko Fried Rice RM 16.90

Seafood Ebiko Fried Rice had a very nice colour combination yet very attractive. Besides the shrimp and ebiko, the fried rice seem nothing different. But checking back the menu, the seafood temptation fried rice was added with luxury seafood such as fresh crab meat, shrimp, scallop, abalone and shark's fin (imitated only as if not the price is sure more expensive) May be the ebiko was bit smaller, it did not give any popping sensation in the mouth.

Sang Har Mee or Freshwater Prawn Noodles RM 19.90

这里吃的虾面与普通在外的截然不同。我吃过的是整碗是清汤的,而这是酱汁。其二第一口让人吓到,怎么这是辣的,我怎么从上看还是下看,都没看到红色的酱汁,这辣哪里来? 人不可貌相,‘菜色’不可斗量,这辣不是颜色可以察觉到的。据说,这是厨师根据泰国食谱得到的点子而烹煮的,所以味道即是辣又带咸,改良式的鲜虾面带有泰国风味。

Freshwater Prawn Noodles that we had here was different compared with other restaurants. This was spicy and what we had normally was not spicy. Looking at the sauce, ponder where the spiciness came from. But one can not look at the colour to decide whether it is spicy or not. I had been told that the chef get the idea to create the dish from Thai recipe. The dish is modified freshwater prawn noodles with Thai style.

Citrus Mojito Lemonade RM 8.90
里面放了桔子,橙,柠檬茶以及sprite 的这杯饮料,味道非常独特。
Lime, orange, lemon tea and sprite gave the drink a totally unique flavour.
Banana Wild Berries Tea RM 13.90
Banana Wild Berries 那天喝,觉得没有什么味道,感觉他们可能失手。
Banana Wild Berries was tasteless as I tasted that day.

Cappuccino (Hot – RM6.90   Cold – RM 7.90)

Cappucino was also home made by them. It was a mixture of Sumatera and Columbia coffee beans. (The person in charge who is having a sharp taste bud told us that Sumatera coffee beans bring blossom flavour whereas Columbia coffee beans give nutty flavour) They have been trying all different types of coffee made from different types of coffee beans and finally comes up with this.

Milky Chocolate (Hot – RM5.50   Cold – RM 5.90)
这是我叫的milky chocolate, 没有令我失望,与友人们一起分享,他们都一致给予好评。用鲜奶来炮制的这杯巧克力奶,喝下去非常香,浓以及可口!

This was what I ordered that day. It did not disappoint me and I shared with my other friends, they gave a good feedback too. Using fresh milk to concoct the milky chocolate, it delivered a nice fragrant, concentrated yet yummy taste!

Tesco Extra Cheras, 
Ground Floor, Lot No 33, 
Jalan Midah 2, 
56000 Kuala Lumpur.

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