Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review: Amino Collagen Essence Drink

I got these from CRES outlet in Jusco Cheras Selatan together with my facial appointment there few months ago!

When I saw it, 10x is the first wording come to my mind before the brand name. What is meant by 10x Higher Absorption?

Well, let us browse through the website and look at the description below!

Embark on an early anti-aging regimen with Amino Collagen C Essence which contains 10,000mg of low-molecular marine collagen from Japan . This highly absorbable collagen helps confer skin an extra bounce and strength. While Nano-Pearl Powder contained helps revitalize and retrieve skin a sheer luminosity. With summation of Coenzyme Q10 to lessen oxidative stress, skin regains its youthful radiant and suppleness.

10x Higher Absorption
because it has very low molecular weight 280 Dalton only which is easily being absorbed by the body!

Recommended dosage:

Day 1-6: Consume one bottle every day on an empty stomach or before bedtime

Day 7 and onwards: Consume one bottle every alternate day

You can get this at Cellnique store but not online. Why? Continue to read...


I really like the taste of this collagen drink. I tried other brand collagen drink before and it is not as concentrated as Amino Collagen Essence Drink. Other than that, it is concentrated as 10,000mg marine collagen, I can also taste the fruit flavor beside the marine fish flavor!


Unlike some of the collagen drink product available in the market which is in sachet, this collagen drink is seal in glass bottle and covered. First, I really like the convenient packaging as I can directly open it and drink. I can bring it and drink wherever I want. Unlike the sachet which I need to get water and glass/cup to make it.

Second, the expiry date is indicated at the seal of the bottle, so we can easily read and check that it is still available to drink. Expiry date is 2 years from the date of manufactured. I think it is long enough for us to finish the drink! No worry about it!

Third, there is mini cuts at the seal that make it easy for consumer to open it!

Cons for the packaging is it is quite heavy when I brought the 2 boxes home. We need to handle with care as it is made of glass which is fragile. And so this is why we can not buy this online and need to go Cellnique store to buy it as we already know Malaysia mail company is not gentle in handling parcels and may cause a lot of problem if it is broken when receive.


I think that it is safe to consume as there is

No plasticizer

No preservative

No additive

No heavy metal

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a substance that' s found naturally in the body and helps convert food into energy. CoQ10 is found in almost every cell in the body, and it is a powerful antioxidant. Primary dietary sources of CoQ10 include oily fish (such as salmon and tuna). Source:

Ceramides are found in high concentrations within the cell membrane of cells. Ceramides regulating the differentiation, proliferation, programmed cell death (PCD), and apoptosis (Type I PCD) of cells. Thus, insufficiency in ceramide might cause dry skin and finally wrinkles.

Pearl powder contains a number of amino acids and several minerals.It is widely used as a treatment for acne as it has a purifying effect on the skin and is good for sensitive skin and also effective at fading acne scars. (Souce: Wikipedia) Chinese old folks like to use pearl powder to mix with water last time for beauty purpose. Now with this collagen drink, we no more trouble ourselves to blend into powder and drink.

My opinion:

Overall, I think this is a very good collagen drink product with combination of health and beauty in together for consumption without harm. Well, I do not notice a big difference as may be I did not follow the instruction of dossage at the box. I stopped after I finished the first box and continue after few weeks later (we can not drink during period time and after that time I forgot to drink). However, I notice that the fine wrinkles on my forehead is not noticeably visible perhaps the effect of the collagen drink. Last time I drank before I slept, now I decided to change the schedule to drink every morning when I woke up. Why? I heard somebody told me that the effect is more significant if we drink in the morning. What do you think? Try.....

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For more information:

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Movie Review: Din Tao 阵头

这是我在Facebook赢到的戏票,也是只有blogger可以参与的,当然我是幸运的一个。主办单位就pm 我说他们会寄票过来给我,我星期一给他们地址,他们说预计星期五可以拿到。这个方式与以往的有些不同,因为之前的那些都是要我们上他公司拿戏票的。昨天我本来就已经忘到一干二净了的,因为事隔多天,还有很多事情要忙,但是就是觉得18号好像有一些东西要做就是想不起。结果,当我和男友去吃饭的路途才想起有戏票这回事,赶紧跑回去家里开信箱看看。终于戏票寄来给我了,那时已经是傍晚6点多。
这就是我期待然后险些忘记了的戏票,谢天谢地,因为我忘记的话,就没有的看了。因为只有这天Special Screening 有免费给我们。他们用post express寄给我,哇不少钱咯!一封都要RM3.50!本来说是2张票,结果他们给3张我们!我们就一直找人看,问了3个人都没有一个能来,(我又sms这个sms那个,其实就是不想浪费那张戏票咯!)第4个终于说会来,因为他说他很想看很久了,只是找不到人陪他来,太好了。


这就是我们要看的戏‘阵头’Din tao! 本来我以为不是很好看的咯,因为我鲜少看台湾电影,大多数都是西片,要不然就是新加坡的鬼片咯!看看下,我有感动到落泪,至于为什么我会这么有感触,你们就一定要到戏院看个明白!


阿泰(柯有伦)出生自台中知名阵头世家,小时调皮的他总拿家中阵头神明捣蛋,是爸爸眼中不成才的儿子。而父 子关系也因为他的叛逆持续紧张。长大后,他就跑去台北念音乐,但是学不成退学就回去台中老家。一次意外,阿泰竟阴错阳差接下阵头团长位置。不仅手下这一群由中辍学生组成的阵头团员,对这个血气方刚的少爷充满怀疑,另一 个阵头世家也等着看他好戏。上有长辈传统,下有团员的质疑眼光,阿泰决定要用自己的方式证明,背起鼓、驾起神明,带着一帮年轻团员跋山涉水,踏上环岛之 路,为台湾的阵头文化带来一股新气息。然而当他这样做的时候,却和组员以及父亲发生了一些争端,要如何与组员协调,说服父亲的传统思想,就得留意阵头这部电影!
主演:柯有伦 黄鸿升 李李仁

刚刚跟Emily TangThong Lip Kee一 起去看了我一直很想看的《阵头》!超感动,超棒!简直就是清楚地描述了现代年轻人对与理想散发出来的那种那种热情,不是每个人都可以接受的,尤其是父母那 一代的人;除此之外,电影更是拍出了现代创意思想所面对的传统和食古不化的思想所带来的冲击和阻扰!但另外一方面,却看到他们对“阵头”的热情和他们对阵 头那毅力不倒的信念,我那时忍不住流泪了!现在的我,其实也想跟他们一样:“我只是想当一位跟别人不一样的老师!”

看到戏中的父子,我也想起了我和我爸爸。就像像戏中的父子一样,我们都一直面对沟通的问题。有时候,做父母的真的有放下自己的身段和面子去听孩子所要表达 的话吗?是否有弯下身子去看看孩子所看到的世界?如果答案是有的话,我们和父母根本不会有沟通问题。但,另一方面,其实我们也没有体谅父母,有时太过自我,不去理会老一辈的劝告,毕竟他们认为经验是占最重要的一环,为了不想让我们跌倒,却选择了我们认为不适当的方法阻止我们,而我们却不能体谅父母的用心 良苦,更没有站在他们的立场去看事情,所以往往血气方刚的我们就是一股蛮力的跟父母斗。其实大家都应该要放下自我的部分,好好地沟通,相信父母心跟我们的 新绝对是零距离的!

P/S:再次感谢Emily Tang和Thong Lip Kee送我的戏票,下次请你们吃一顿感谢你们才行!哈哈哈!

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